Unlocking the full potential of Salesforce CRM

Experience the transformative advantages of our CRM software that helps you sell faster and bette. Embrace new business possibilities with AI-infused apps for Sales, Marketing, Service, Data Cloud, and more.

Our consultative approach makes us elite Salesforce consulting and integration partners. Stridley offers end-to-end Salesforce CRM services ranging from workshops and consultation to Salesforce integration, implementation, and support.

Our certified Salesforce professionals work collaboratively to offer strategic Salesforce implementation services. This helps you optimize customer relationships, revolutionise business strategies, and liven up revenue streams. 

Stridley represents the biggest pool of Salesforce-certified engineers. This empowers us to:

Provide global clientele with dedicated Salesforce engineers working only on their projects, regardless of their nature of business.
Control Salesforce’s suite of CRM 360 platform to create contemporary customer experiences, enhance sales and marketing, and start collaborative communities.
Create next-generation business commotions using AI-driven customer experiences.

Team Stridley is aimed at using the right tools from the Salesforce business app suite for sustainable growth while meeting your priorities.

SAP S/4HANA services and solutions

Why choose us as your salesforce CRM services

Salesforce CRM Services

We offer trusted Salesforce CRM 360 services aimed at problem-solving and growth-enhancing methodologies. This helps you implement a suitable software solution to support your CRM strategy.

Salesforce Consulting

We conduct a thorough assessment of your existing operational systems, workflows, and business objectives to create a strategic plan for Salesforce customization and implementation.

Salesforce Customization

We offer Salesforce customization services to create a solution that aligns with your business needs and extends system capabilities to ensure robust integration into your business ecosystem.

Salesforce Implementation

We offer integrated Salesforce CRM services to strategically plan your implementation, configuring, and integrating apps with no hiccups whatsoever.

Smooth Integration

The in-house Salesforce experts specialize in Salesforce integration with diverse enterprise systems such as ERP, HR, and other third-party apps to create a unified and interconnected IT infrastructure.

CRM Optimization

Recognized for its game-changing CRM features, Salesforce expertise helps us optimize your CRM operations. Connect with us to enable personalized engagement and customer satisfaction.

Salesforce Migration & Support

We are ready to migrate all your data and systems to Salesforce with training for faster user adoption. You can keep your Salesforce instances safe, resilient, and up-to-date with our AMC and Salesforce support services too.

We would love to hear about your project.

Business Benefits of End-to-End Salesforce Services

Comprehensive Customer Review

Salesforce integration aggregates unified customer data from various sources into a single view to present complete customer data. Full access to this fosters better customer service by anticipating needs and offering personalized sales.

Data Security & Compliances

Our Salesforce implementation services are aimed to help you maintain regulatory compliance by secure handling of customers’ data. We implement impenetrable security measures to safeguard your business and customer data.

Optimized Leads & Marketing

Salesforce, when integrated with marketing automation tools, ensures seamless lead flow, management, and conversions. It is a perfect platform that bridges the gaps between Sales and Marketing teams to ensure they are on the same page.

Significant Cost Savings

Salesforce implementation services streamline processes and data management. This allows you to efficient resource allocation and utilization where automation replaces mundane tasks. This eventually maximizes ROI and minimizes labor costs.

Sustainable Business Growth

Salesforce Integration is scalable, accommodating business growth by easily incorporating new systems, applications, and data sources. We are the #1 Salesforce partner that will scale operations without the need for a complete makeover.

Innovations Leading to Success

Our innovation team will open doors to welcome new incredible technologies and innovations in your existing system. Integrating Salesforce makes it possible as it is compatible with external business apps to extend functionalities & deliver a competitive edge.

Business benfits with salesforce CRM
Sales Cloud

Accelerate the sales to lead cycle, we are experienced in migrating to lightning, enhancing team collaboration, custom solutions, analytics, and quality assurance.

Service Cloud

With Service Cloud, customers can communicate across platforms, while costs are drastically reduced. By combining this data with sales cloud data, you will get a complete picture of your customers.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud from Salesforce helps businesses maximize their data capture, enhance customer interactions, and drive accelerated business results. With Stridely's Salesforce Marketing Cloud consulting services, companies can deliver consistent omnichannel brand experiences.


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