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SharePoint Online is a DMS software built on the Office 365 platform to add flexibility to document management processes. The software is both easy to use and customizable with mobile compatibility.

If you are planning on restructuring your existing system and going digital, SharePoint online is the best choice.

Stridely’s document management consulting services allow you to gain control of your material, with seamless information governance along with effective compliance that immediately correlates to significant business advantages. With a world-class corporate document management system, you can break through silos and empower productivity from wherever you are.

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Features that make SharePoint DMS powerful

Document Creation and Document Processing Automation

Accelerate document creation and streamline processing with document management solutions. Unlock unparalleled efficiency with SharePoint DMS.

Elaborative Document Libraries

Amplify an organization with detailed libraries. Empower team's access and collaboration with document management consulting services.

Document Consistency, Security, and Compliance

Ensure data integrity, fortify security, and enhance compliance effortlessly. SharePoint DMS delivers unmatched capabilities.

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Key SharePoint DMS integrations

SharePoint DMS + ERP

Supercharge business insight and efficiency with SharePoint DMS and ERP integration. Unleash data synergy with document management system software

SharePoint DMS + OCR

Unlock the power of optical character recognition. Accelerate data extraction with SharePoint DMS.

SharePoint DMS + e-Signature Software

Amplify document signing processes and document management solutions. Empower digital signatures with SharePoint DMS integration.

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Why only Stridely for SharePoint DMS?

  • Highly skilled team of Microsoft professionals
  • Get the best ROI on your Microsoft investments
  • Hassle-free implementation and maintenance
  • Empower your workforce with easy-to-use systems


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