Water Treatment

Usually, water treatment operators have to face quite a few technological hindrances. It could be either of transitioning from legacy infrastructure or to encompassing latest features like web payments in existing billing modules.

Stridely Solutions has several years of expertise in water treatment operations and managing technology environments. Our IT Consulting Services for Water Treatment deliver unrivalled resources and experience to the development of critical utility systems.


IT consulting services for water treatment

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IoT solutions

The Utilities practice at Stridely builds an Internet of Things (IoT) environment for ‘connected’ business processes. Our IoT services extend from sensors to insights, providing automated monitoring, remote diagnostics, and real-time

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Enterprise applications

Stridely utility solutions focuses on Increasing end-to-end efficiency, improving performance, and reducing business complexity by utilizing appropriate ERP solutions. Our digital solutions address operational complexity as well as the

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Custom Application development

We develop, modernize, and maintain applications using containers, cloud and serverless technologies. Stridely development services focuses on mobility solutions with cloud architecture and customization of the digital tools to

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Process Design

Stridely builds a digital environment to supplement the value chain of process engineering. To expedite application deployment, our experts use open-source technologies, microservices architecture, Agile development

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Cloud Solutions

Stridely conducts cloud adoption initiatives to help businesses become more connected and responsive. Cloud infrastructure improves corporate agility by allowing for collaboration, remote asset monitoring, supply chain 


Data Analytics and Modelling

Stridely focuses on data analytics and predictive modelling for smart factory operations. We build data lakes to collect real-time data from the entire ecosystem, as well as a data mart environment to store, analyze, and utilize data in real

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App Modernization Solutions

Stridely water treatment solutions include app modernization solutions to help businesses become more connected. The replacement of resource-intensive desktop systems with mobile applications improves business agility. 

Why Stridely solutions?

Take advantage of powerful IT solutions and innovative approaches for effective water treatment
and management offered by experienced consultants.
● Highly experienced team having proficiency in current water utility scenarios
● Excellent resource utilization to augment the value of existing resources while we do the
heavy lifting
● Leverage the momentum of emerging technologies to maximize returns and profitability

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