Define the market with reliable design and engineering expertise

Stridely’s engineering design services enable you in defining and implementing an agile approach to product design and digital engineering. Use market research and customer feedback to swiftly build solutions that meet company requirements today and in the future. From user experience research and design through IT modernization and scaled implementation, we find solutions that are technically practical and produce long-term value for your company.

Our Design and Engineering team can help you with industrial design services, technical drawing services, engineering, prototyping, 3D modeling, and product development to help you bring a high-quality product to market. We have a perfect team with us ranging from a team of Designers, Drafters, and Modelers with Tekla and CAD.

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Our Design and Engineering offerings

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Stridely handles BIM services or architectural design projects that need Tekla with precision, speed, and the capability of a committed crew.
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Stridely utility solutions focus on increasing end-to-end efficiency, improving performance and reducing business complexity by utilizing appropriate ERP solutions. Our digital solutions address operational complexity as well as 

We understand your company's challenges

We find potential industrial engineering solutions and collaborate with you to deliver the best industrial engineering services for your company.

Our ability to comprehend operational difficulties and apply appropriate solutions from a variety of technical disciplines distinguishes us from our competitors.

Our multi-disciplined team of experts recognizes the intricate industrial and residential difficulties that our clients confront and has the knowledge to find and create solutions as well as industrial engineering services that meet their demands.

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We would love to hear about your project.

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Get remarkable experience by working with Stridely

Our experienced staff is skilled in providing high-quality services customized just for you. Here are some examples of what you can anticipate from our exceptional customer service:

  • Teams carefully created to fit the specific requirements of your project.
  • Collaboration with other subject matter experts to guarantee that all design standards are met, and that the final product fulfils all your expectations.
  • Our project team can be effectively scaled to assist any size project you need to complete – no project is too big or too little!
  • Support for every level of complexity in your projects, from small residential to enormous multi-story complexes, or just double-checking your previous calculations
Collaborate with Stridely

Collaborate with Stridely today!

Stridely is a forerunner in building and engineering industry. Our consulting firm has a varied workforce that can provide a spectrum of capabilities that no other organization can. Our executives put forth a lot of effort to create services that are tailored to our clients’ needs.

  • Quick turnaround time keeps your projects on track and allows for additional flexibility.
  • Close contact helps you to be always up to date on the project.
  • A dedicated project manager will handle your issues and questions from the beginning to the end of your project.


Our Partner Ecosystem

Bringing together the best of our partner network to create competitive advantage of your business.