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Cloud security is a set of controls, technologies and policies designed to protect data, application and the associated infrastructure of cloud computing. Once the organization undergoes digital transformation and plans to adhere to cloud-based tools as well as services into their system architecture, businesses will need cloud security.
To strike the right chord, modern-day organizations must understand how to benefit from the utilization of linked cloud technologies while implementing the finest cloud security policies.
At Stridely, we develop a comprehensive security strategy that meets your business needs. This strategy will include a detailed assessment of your current security posture, a review of your existing security technologies, and a plan for implementing new security technologies.

Moving to Cloud and Ahead - How Good is Your DIY Approach to Networking?

Moving to Cloud and Ahead - How Good is Your DIY Approach to Networking?

Migrating to the cloud and revamping your organizational infrastructure to be cloud compatible are two different things. What companies need to do is the latter but what they invest in, is the former.

Top cloud security concerns

Top cloud security concerns

Many classic cybersecurity issues exist in the cloud as well. The following are examples:

  • Insider threats
  • Data breach
  • Data loss
  • Access control for IAM
  • Key management
  • Phishing
  • Malware
  • Shadow IT
  • DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks
  • Application programming interfaces that are unsafe (APIs)
  • Cloud account hijacking
  • Misconfigurations
  • Lack of cloud visibility and control
  • Malicious use of cloud services
  • Incompatibilities with on-premises infrastructures; cloud compliance; and cloud governance
  • Dealing with cloud security solutions that in-house administrators may be inexperienced with
  •  Tracking and monitoring the location of data in transit and at rest
  • Absence of awareness of the shared responsibility paradigm
  • Multi-tenancy problems

How Cloud Security will be beneficial to your organization?

Cloud security can also help to save money on continuing administrative and operational costs. A CSP will manage all the security needs, eliminating the need to hire people to do manual security upgrades and setups.

A secure method is required to gain instant access to organizational data. Cloud security guarantees that only authorized users may access data and apps. Stridely will always have your back – a dependable means to access cloud apps and information, allowing you to respond promptly to any possible security concerns.

One of the most significant benefits of adopting cloud computing is that businesses do not have to pay for specialized hardware. Not needing to invest in specialized hardware countenances to save money in the beginning, can also aid in decreasing expenses. Once you’ve hired a CSP, they’ll manage your security needs on your behalf – This is what Stridely will do for your enterprise. This saves you money and reduces the risks involved with hiring an internal security staff to protect specialized hardware.

Cloud computing enables you to grow in response to new demands, delivering more apps and data storage as needed. Cloud security scales effortlessly alongside cloud computing services. When organizational requirements change, the centralized structure of cloud security allows you to simply incorporate new apps and other features without jeopardizing the protection of your data. Cloud security may also grow during periods of heavy traffic, giving extra protection while upgrading cloud solution and scaling down when traffic lowers.

With multiple endpoints as well as devices requiring security, cloud computing provides a centralized place for data and applications. Each program, data and devices are centrally secured because of cloud computing security. The consolidated location makes it easier for cloud security organizations to undertake things like developing disaster recovery plans, optimizing network event monitoring, and improving web filtering.

Some of the most serious risks to cloud computing are distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. To do harm, these attacks send a large amount of traffic to servers all at once. Cloud security safeguards servers from these threats by monitoring and disseminating them.

Integrate Security into your Evolving Cloud Environment

Stridely has ample experience when it comes to becoming a CSP for the enterprise. Whether your business is big or small, Stridely will map out a plan which will be unique to your organization.

Data Security

Remove silos to collaborate across IT, information security and application development teams.

App Security

We will assist with web application firewall protection, secure DevOps, AI/ML assisted intelligent threat detection, and application vulnerability scanning and restoration.

API Security

Improve API lifecycle management by publishing, monitoring, protecting, analyzing, monetizing, and engaging the community.

Integrate Security into your Evolving Cloud Environment


Moving to Cloud and Ahead - How Good is Your DIY Approach to Networking?

Migrating to the cloud and revamping your organizational infrastructure to be cloud compatible are two different things. What companies need to do is the latter but what they invest in, is the former.

Managed Infrastructure is Transforming IT

We know that how the cloud services are helping enterprises and moving to the cloud also does increases efficiency and saves your money. If the changeovers are handled properly then you can transform your IT Support center to the path of innovation driving business.

Ensure data integrity and consistency across the business infrastructure with SAP MDG

As one of the transformational technologies of the era, SAP Master Data Governance allows enterprises to maintain, manage, and monitor their enterprise data with ease. If you want to adopt and integrate an all-in-one data management tool, SAP MDG is a decent pick. It lets you govern all of your enterprise data, consolidating all under a single head.

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