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Stridely, a renowned provider of Oracle Services & Solutions, has been at the forefront of empowering business organizations with the best-in-class Oracle technology platform. Our team of experts specializes in covering end-to-end processes, assisting organizations in seamlessly integrating automation and restructuring their workforce. With a technology-first approach, we deliver unique and revenue-driven solutions that propel our customers toward success.
Harnessing the power of Oracle analytics, our customers gain the ability to transform data into actionable insights, enabling them to make well-informed decisions for their business.
Recognized by industry experts as a premier Oracle implementation partner, Stridely offers a comprehensive range of services, including managed services with worldwide capabilities. Our longstanding partnership with Oracle is built upon a strong foundation of collaborative innovation and seamless delivery.
In the midst of this transformative era, both Stridely and Oracle are dedicated to addressing the most pressing business challenges, providing you with the tools and expertise to implement new technologies promptly and efficiently.

Paving Your Ways To Smoother Oracle Implementation – Here’s Your Guide

Paving your Ways to Smoother Oracle Implementation – Here’s your Guide

Setting your eye on an ostensibly rich project, you would do all that it takes to complete the same and with significant precision. But do you know that irrespective of how efficient your on-premise team is, seeking experts is always a necessity?

Stridely’s Offerings

We assist customers in implementing innovation so that businesses can anticipate and brace for the subsequent wave of technological disruption.

Oracle JDE

Oracle JDE

Satisfy the need for a contemporary and simpler user interface with the help of Oracle JD Edwards. Our custom applications are designed to function the way your users do.

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Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud

In today's digital era, simplifying and upgrading business processes and IT infrastructure is critical. Oracle's cloud solutions are important to digital transformation activities.

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Oracle CPQ

Oracle CPQ

Oracle CPQ Cloud automates and streamlines the opportunity-to-order conversion cycle, serving as a link between front-end CRM operations and back-end Order Management Software and Fulfillment systems.

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Oracle EBS

Oracle EBS

Add the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) application in your organizational operations to automate the customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) processes.

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Hasten your Journey with Oracle

The introduction of the cloud has profoundly altered the infrastructure as well as ERP environment.

Oracle Cloud Journey


For a business, a transformational mindset is essential at every stage of the value chain. Our oracle practice has been at the forefront of this transition, improving operational excellence.

Reimage and Reframe

We focus on extracting value from existing investments while also building the groundwork for the future – REIMAGING the CORE and REFRAMING the FUTURE.

Gain Competitive Advantage

With our Oracle services, you gain a competitive advantage through increased efficiency and agility, powered by our cloud solutions, system integration, and application management services.

Our Approach

Our Core offerings include Upgrades, Implementations, Migrations, and Application Development as well as Maintenance & Support. Our offering focuses on cloud, time value, and recent technical integrations to give more ROI and excellent client experiences.
Our Oracle Services handle all of your business needs for on-premise systems such as  Oracle JDE and EBS, regardless of the size or industry of your firm. Also, our oracle cloud services have helped our clients to shift and take advantage of the latest cloud computing system.
Along with that, we also offer support for Oracle Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) for sellers and distributors.  We can assist optimize the value of your investment, making safe upgrades quickly, and decreasing your operating expenses by combining automation with Lift and Shift to the cloud.

Our approach


Oracle Cloud - The Unskippable Necessity of Future-ready Businesses

Businesses, which need to become future-proof and always remain ahead of time, need to adopt cloud computing as this one move make them future-ready in many aspects. No wonder why cloud computing market is going to touch the mark of $161.39 billion by 2027.

All that you need to Know about Oracle ASCP (Advanced Supply Chain Planning)!

Oracle ASCP is an internet-based and comprehensive planning solution for enterprises. It decides the work orders, purchase orders, and inventory, which must be deployed within an expansive supply chain. In short, it is the supply planning function.

Success Stories
EnterpriseOne & Oracle Cloud Procurement Integration Helped our Client Company Improve their Supply Chain Processes Notably

Stridely Solutions has been the first choice of many industry leaders. This time, one of the key market players in the construction industry took on board us. With its attention on quality service delivery, our client managed to build a huge customer base and enjoys a better market penetration. However, the client started facing hurdles maintaining higher margins and maintaining finances while fulfilling its vision of global expansion.

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Challenging opportunities, right exposure, and supportive team are what lays the foundation of a successful career. At Stridely Solutions, you can get hold of all of this and more.

Being a global IT partner, we offer you ample of opportunities to unleash your true potential, push yourself beyond limits, and polish your skills, By egging on the zest to give best every time, we help you to become a dynamic, seasoned and expert professionals.


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