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In today’s digital era, simplifying and upgrading business processes and IT infrastructure is critical. Oracle’s cloud solutions are important to digital transformation activities.
Stridely is an established leader in digital transformation efforts, as well as one of the industry’s premier consulting and advising firms—both for enterprises that have moved to Oracle Cloud and those considering a transition.

Stridely provides attractive oracle cloud consulting services to companies wishing to transition away from the data center sector and invest in digital innovation. Our various branches thrive to exhibit our best-in-class cloud solutions and prototypes for a better client experience.
We can assist your organization in becoming instinctively digital by utilizing the cloud as a basis for gaining new insights, unlocking new possibilities, and developing new models for generating richer, more meaningful customer experiences.

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Our Oracle cloud services

Oracle Cloud Implementation Services

Moving to the Oracle Cloud is a significant business commitment, and we at Stridely understand that. In Oracle Consulting, we have the right team and abilities to bring you to your desired destination, and we will assist you to understand the risks and consequences of moving to the Oracle Cloud. Make the most of your business by leveraging our Oracle Consulting and Cloud Implementation services.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services

Gain access to computing resources of Oracle leveraging infrastructure as a service. Stridely Solutions has a team of Oracle Solution experts that assist and guide you through all phases of Integration and deployment.

Oracle Cloud PaaS and Integration Services

Platform as a service is one model where users can design and develop applications on the model. PaaS ensures that organizations need not worry about hosting the infrastructure associated with the application.

Oracle Cloud Managed Services

Stridely provides a comprehensive spectrum of Managed Cloud Services to meet your requirements. Optimize your customer experience as we focus on operating your apps for you. We handle day-to-day maintenance so you can focus on more vital business activities.


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Cloud computing has several advantages for businesses. Indeed, the advantages are so many that it is nearly difficult not to consider shifting your activities to a cloud-based platform. Despite this, many firms continue to rely on obsolete and inefficient procedures because they are unaware of the benefits.

  • Centralized Data security
  • Quick business insights
  • Accessibility from any location and with any device
  • Capability to remove most or all hardware and software
  • Enhanced performance and availability
  • Reduction in operation costs
Streamline Cloud Migration

Stidely’s services simplify cloud migration and assist you in properly planning and preparing for a multi-pillar Oracle Cloud deployment.

Global Architecture

Our Cloud architecture consists of a fully integrated global system—from point of sale to back office to procurement to financials to HR to payroll. We accelerate deployment and organizational change management by offering multiple accelerators throughout the cloud transformation spectrum (OCM).

Shift Apps To Cloud

Our tools work on Oracle cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and it assists you in migrating your existing applications to the cloud in their present condition. Our solutions include application inventory, evaluation, code analysis, transition planning and execution, and post-migration maintenance.

Get Started

We start with a thorough inventory of your present corporate landscape, gathering relevant data that is then input into our unique cloud assessment tools. The data is critical for determining the best match between public, hybrid, and private clouds. This technique also aids in predicting the best model for transferring your infrastructure to the cloud—IaaS or platform as a service (PaaS).


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