How do we Care for our Employees?

A medical emergency can occur anytime and can tear you into pieces as well. That is why Stridely Solutions has an all-inclusive medical policy for the employees and their immediate family. So, no matter what are the situations, we have got your back.

We, at Stridely Solutions, adopt a work culture wherein each individual learn and grow as a social animal. Our social Saturday is a noteworthy initiative to help our employees to become a part of society in numerous ways.

Learning is the only mean to get success especially when you work in IT and we are well-aware with this fact. So, whether you are willing to upgrade your existing knowledge or want to gain another one, we are there for you. We have partnered with various IT certification providers to polish your skills.

Our workspace is a learning and training den when everyone is a master of the trade. There are always new and challenging tasks waiting for you, in order to polish your skills. So, you keep on learning and growing while working with us.

When you are on-site and working in close proximity with your client, you will be able to know what and how the client wants and conceive the solutions. Stridely Solutions left no stone unturned to make work less hectic and more productive for its employees and offer time-to-time on-site opportunities.

Nothing feels good than getting right and appropriate remuneration and each employee of Stridely Solutions has this benefit at their disposal. We are one of the best paymasters in the industry who recognize, appreciate, and reward the hard work done by its team.

We grant certain sort of flexibility to our employees. We don’t just hire our employees, we make them an activist in our success journey while paying due regards to the individual choices and decisions.

All work and no play! At Stridely Solutions, we believe that games make you learn team spirit, arouses the zest to push beyond boundaries, and learn from the defeats. We have various indoor games in our premise to keep your mind fresh, your body healthy and your soul highly spirited.

Certain circumstances don’t permit an employee to come to the office on a particular day. In that state, we have a work-from-home facility to avail and feel relaxed. With this facility, we help our employees to maintain work-life balance and emerge as healthy and sound beings.

Working at Stridely Solutions is far more than doing a job and getting money in lieu of that. Here, we care, nurture, and support our employees by all means. Giving our employees ample paid monthly leaves is one such way that helps an employee to maintain work-life balance.

We offer ample training and learning opportunities with well-rounded professionals from time to time and help you keep your skills up-to-the-minute. Stridely Solutions organizes regular training sessions of its employees and freshly-joined candidates so that they could upgrade their knowledge and skills.

We at Stridely celebrate all the main communal festival with full zest. Festival celebration also brings a change in the monotonous environment and brings a whole new feel in the entire workspace.