Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation is what makes you explore your abilities and Attitude is what keeps you motivated.

At Stridely Solutions, we nurture all these three aspects of your life and help you to excel at every vertical of your life and career. By becoming a part of our growing landscape, you can grab and opportunity to be a part of a team which is motivated, united, and gives importance to individuality.
We know how to admire our manpower and take appropriate stratagem to bring the ideology into a real-time landscape. Working with us comes with a whole set of benefits that makes your association more than a mere employer-employee association.

Life @ Stridely

It’s our people that give Stridely a unique culture and that thrill/buzz you can feel from the moment you connect with us.

“Stridely is nothing more than its people. The strength of our organization is a result of pure determination, enthusiasm to learn and investing in new technologies and innovations.”

– Management Desk

Stridely Is Now Great Place to Work-CertifiedTM !

We are inclusive, diverse, multi-cultural and professional. We have been voted by our employees as a ‘Great Place to Work’ is a credit to our 450+ employees across the globe who live our values day in – day out!
Great Place to Work is a global employee satisfaction survey. The five characteristics that are measured are credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and community, and this provides significant indicators on how we perform as an organization in caring for our people and our culture.
This certification is a clear testament of the hard work we put towards ensuring an empowered workforce. In all that we do, we remain committed to building a workplace in which everyone can grow and thrive!

Journey @ Stridely

With Stridely, I started my journey with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. At that time, my main role was to develop and deliver solutions around Dynamics to individual customers. A year after joining Stridely, I was given the opportunity to support customers and assist with projects, rollouts, and building a team. I always find Stridely to be a productive platform for building long lasting relationships with customers and building strong teams. Now I am not alone on my journey, I have over 35 members who have joined me on my journey, and that’s what I call a team. This exciting journey led me to my current role as Technical Project Manager. In this role, I focus on providing different CRM solutions to new or existing customers, helping them to grow and expand their business, and bringing positive changes to their organization. In my role as part of the Stridely, I like the family feel of the team and the challenges my role presents. The Stridely culture encourages me to be my best in all areas of my life. Other than this, I also enjoy spending time with my family and finding quirky restaurants. As well as , I love traveling, taking a ‘cheeky wee city break’ whenever I can.

⚊ Vaibhavi Pandya

Work together, grow together. Over the last 7 years of Stridely’ s journey, I’ve witnessed many people go from level one to level two. it happened only because of the multifaceted growth opportunities provided by Stridely. Stridely has always believed in employees’ capabilities and encouraged them to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset. which eventually helps leader to think from different angle and take effective & accurate decisions. When it comes to Culture at Stridely, Flexible environment and Challenging opportunities motivates employee to think innovatively.

⚊ Vivek Sodha

“In my Stridely Journey (From Jul – 2016 to till date), starting as a Pioneer member have worked in almost all emerging technology. Stridely environment & culture follows its core values along with its Vision, Mission, and Plan.
I am pleasured to be part of this journey since day of inception along with caption ‘Stride with Value’.”
In another simple words, “Journey of Stridely started with one plant and day by day it becomes one garden with many trees and branches” …. And the growth of Stridely where it deserves….

⚊ Harsh Dabav

I have been working with Stridely Solution from day one. It is the best job that I had so far. Working on cutting edge technologies with leadership quality that have not been explored before, makes the whole experience more like discovery rather than engineering. I have seen that Stridely Solution growing wonderfully to an amazing workplace. The experiences, that I have gained along the way, are irreplaceable and invaluable.

⚊ Parthiv Patel

I started my professional career with Stridely in Sept 2016 as trainee.
Before moving to a new role, I was working in VB.Net. I moved to a new role In 2019 and started working on Angular as a frontend and .Net core as a backend.
In April 2022 I got promoted as technical project lead. I am thoroughly enjoying the new position;
I strongly believe that Stridely provides an exemplary focus on people and presents opportunities for individuals.
What strikes me the most is that the company gives back just as much as you will put in. This helps to keep me motivated to better myself. It’s been an incredible ride. remarkable years of warmth, friendship, and support.

⚊ Priyank Pandya

Began in July 2016 and have been working with Stridely for about 6 years. Even after so many years, Stridely has become my name and a source of pride for being a part of an organization with an international work culture. I’m fortunate that after a long time, when I get ready and leave for work in the morning, I have a cheerful attitude.
I’ve worked on a variety of challenging projects and new initiatives, and organization has helped me succeed in each one. Organizations bring new opportunities, creative learning, direction, and training to carry out work more effectively.
Stridely assisted me in developing new abilities that enabled me to complete different projects successfully and maintain a healthy balance between my personal and professional life. This is clearly the sign of a great organization, and that’s why I believe Stridely a truly “Grate Place to Work.”

⚊ Vinir Shah

It’s been more than 6 Yrs that I am associated with the company in core team – HR.
I’ve always been energized with workplace culture @ Stridely that focuses on harnessing individual talent, it has always encouraged me to take initiatives to embrace the changes and helped me to enhance my skills throughout my journey.
Mr Kunal Shah (CEO) has been helping me to build my goals and chart a plan to achieve them. With the growth that I’ve witnessed here at Stridely each year, I believe that is all because of the plenty of support and opportunities provided by the Organisation. It is a delight to be a part of this journey.
Growth is deeply rooted in Stridely’s DNA. My journey has blend of some wonderful stories and learnings. I wish to continue learning and imbibing new skills and climb the higher rungs of my professional ladder.

⚊ Nehal Vithlani

So, what are you waiting for?

Be a part of our team and get an opportunity to work in an environment where you will feel cared for,
your views will matter, and you will not follow but lead the way in its own sense.

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