AI in Retail

Dec 28, 2018

Where everything is about technology and industries, the air has a lot about Artificial Intelligence(AI) I just mean the trend. Every sector is adapting AI a different approach towards intelligence. Even Retail industries have brought themselves into many things and so if it is computer...

The Super Power

Dec 27, 2018

Machine Learning and Blockchain are the technologies which are the new revolution for the world. They are bringing the greatest impact and are the future for industries. I remember how Blockchain has introduced years ago with cryptocurrencies invention and trading but slowly and gradually has...

Operational Loss can be handled with Automation

Dec 21, 2018

Technologies are the benchmark for any businesses. The power of IoT and Analytics are redefining the process and the combat is successful at the trial. Machine Learning, Natural language processing, and Robert automation process these are something best industries can have. You go with any...

Innovation is the survival

Dec 19, 2018

Innovation is the oxygen for technologies and we can’t deny that we breathe the same air. Enterprises merging themselves into digital transformation, but I think just merging is not the requirement but keeping updated with what’s new is the necessity. This business world has become the...

Mutual Funds Industry and Technology

Dec 11, 2018

This is really fascinating to know, and we are aware that how technology is covering every segment of industries, like the rays are spreading over everywhere. When we say the word ‘smart’, technology truly means it. Even the financial industry is not left with the significance...

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