Cross Platform using Xamarin Forms

27 November, 2018

When everything is just on your touch and so you can get it very easily. The World with lots of Apps making our life easy and with lots of apps we have various Mobile Development Platforms. Among these, we have the most different and the...

Xamarin vs Ionic: Cross-platform Mobile Frameworks Comparison

31 August, 2018

When it comes to Mobile Application Development we are always confused, especially choosing the best Mobile App development framework among the competing ones. There are many development frameworks available in the market of which Xamarin and Ionic are the best. Both are powerful & effective...

Why you should develop your Mobile App with Xamarin

27 July, 2018

The World of Mobile Application is changing rapidly. Industries are adapting more towards Mobile Technology, in this fast-growing technology environment, developing mobile apps to keep up with the growing demands can only be achieved with the right set of tools and a right approach. To my...

Enterprise Mobility and Security

5 May, 2018

Enterprise Mobility Security is a solution that provides organizations with security on their devices. This solution helps to protect company phones, tablets and laptops with the full remote wiping of data if your device is been lost or stolen. Investigate your organization’s current policies on application...

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