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Utilize our cloud services to reduce costs, boost productivity, and open chances for innovation. You can upgrade your apps and increase ROI, develop cloud-native applications, and manage them at scale – on your preferred platform — with architectural flexibility and comprehensive technology.

Moving to the cloud is not a question of why, but of when and how. Cloud offers speed, agility, and cost savings. Moreover, Cloud necessitates overcoming challenging obstacles such as data gravity, security, regulatory compliance, cost management, and the requirement for organizational change.

Through such a proven methodology for transforming people, processes, and technology, Stridely’s cloud solutions can assist your business in setting up a cloud strategy with meticulous planning. Whether you are considering a cloud-first approach or a hybrid setup, our cloud services have got you covered.

Boost agility & growth with Cloud

Cloud Consulting Services

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Cloud migration

Experience a smooth transition of business functions, valuable data, and applications into the cloud realm through our cutting-edge cloud migration services. We aim to minimize disruptions while maximizing operational efficiency.

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Cloud Security

Elevate your cloud security with our innovative cloud services and solutions. We employ stringent measures to fortify your cloud infrastructure, shield your data, and protect applications from cyber threats.
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Cloud Infrastructure Services

Unleash the potential of your business with our comprehensive cloud infrastructure services. We specialize in designing, implementing, and managing scalable and dependable cloud-based IT infrastructure.

Cloud Services by Stridely

We are a trusted cloud service provider. We specialize in delivering avant-garde cloud computing consulting & implementation services meticulously crafted to suit the unique needs of your business.

Cloud strategy and planning

Empower your business with visionary cloud strategies and unparalleled planning expertise.

Cloud architecture and design

Elevate the efficiency of your operations with intricately crafted cloud architectures and visionary and compliance implementation services.

Cloud migration and implementation

Experience seamless migration and implementation into the cloud, unlocking improved agility and performance.

Cloud security and compliance

Fortify your cloud infrastructure with robust security and unwavering compliance assurance.

Cloud monitoring and optimization

Maximize your cloud potential with proactive monitoring and precision optimization strategies.

With the cloud experience everywhere, Explore quicker

Moving every app to cloud can be a challenge for an enterprise due to complications such as data gravity, sovereignty, accountability, expense, and interdependence with other systems. As a result, while migrating to cloud from on-premises, two out of every three apps stay on-premises.
End-result? Businesses are trapped between old and new technologies, striving to achieve their transformation goals inside a complicated dual IT operating environment.
Our cloud-native services are designed to help you reduce costs, increase agility, and improve security. We provide a comprehensive set of tools and services to help you quickly and easily deploy, manage, and scale applications and data across multiple clouds.

  • Provide an ultimate cloud experience to your non-cloud-native apps.
  • Containerize monolithic programs to enhance scalability, availability, and performance – rebuilding and reworking systems that must be moved to the cloud.
  • Shift to agile DevOps practice with Stridely.
  • Streamline your development process and use microservices to build and deploy apps rapidly.
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Strategic partnerships

Our knowledge and experience working with the top public cloud platforms make us an excellent choice for your company:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Oracle Cloud

Exploit the ever-expanding power of Azure

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform. With 200 offers and cloud services, it is an extremely agile, comprehensive solution capable of supporting enterprises in developing, operating, and managing applications across multiple clouds, on-premises, and at the edge – using customizable, accessible tools and frameworks.

Stridely, a leading Azure development company with a 12+ years of technical experience and a full commitment to delivering world-class products and services, assists users in transforming their ideas into solutions, providing end-to-end management experiences, and delivering applications with the agile development methodology in a faster and more secure manner utilizing Azure.

Exploit the ever expanding power of Azure
The Azure Cloud Native Service Stack of Stridely Solutions 3

The Azure cloud native service atack of Stridely solutions

Azure Cloud has a lot to offer. This is why Stridely Solutions offers assorted Azure Native services.

  • PaaS facilities and API management
  • Swagger utilization for hybrid platforms
  • Bringing Data, NoSQL, Cache, and other technologies into action
  • Expert handing of Docker, Mesos, Containers, etc
  • Excellence in Azure SQL Server DB, Azure Cache, and other components
  • Full utilization of development tools and SDKs
  • Mastery over Azure AD and Service Bus
  • Upgrading, provisioning, and orchestration of containers
  • Timely content delivery, traffic management, and load balancing
  • Managed Platforms and DevOps utilization


Our partner ecosystem

Bringing together the best of our partner network to create competitive advantage of your business.