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With Application Modernization proving incredibly valuable in today’s digital world, enterprises must rebalance their application landscape to become more lifelike, responsive, and robust at the enterprise scale. Today, core and app modernization is the most crucial ‘need of the day’ due to the increasing need for modern applications to match the ever-changing demands. How does your company match the ever-expanding demands of today’s customers?

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We will assist you in reimagining and modernizing your core applications and IT infrastructure to meet the growing demands of your business—all while maintaining the utmost levels of security. Our core application modernization services help businesses take their operations to the next level by aligning objectives, expectations, analysis, and industry-defining methodologies.


innovation: With core app modernization, you get the latest technology and applications which enables you to optimize data, accelerate business innovation and deliver exceptional customer experience.

Reduce time to value: 

Close the value gap between historical systems and current cloud application environments, eliminate system failures, and reduce the time to value your operations.

Improve customer experience: 

Provide better usability and experience to the customer by utilizing the latest trends, methods, and design features.

Our offerings

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Legacy App Modernization

Updates the existing legacy applications to the newer and modern environment, shifting it to the cloud platform.

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Application Re-platforming

Improves the performance of your applications so that they may operate on newer, less costly, and more efficient

Our App Modernization Approach - Lift & Shift, Refactoring, Re-Platforming

Legacy App Assessment

Assessment is a mission-critical stage that determines the effectiveness of the migration. Identifying the roadmap of the organization, working out a migration strategy, and aligning the business needs with existing and future trends in the ecosystem are pivotal to the migration outcomes. We owe our success in migration solutions to our assessment methodologies.

Plan and Design

Based on the assessment, we plan and design the next steps which are based on below strategies:
Re-hosting – Transforming the application to a new platform without reconfiguration.
Re-Platform – Transforming the application to a new platform by manifesting smaller changes in the code.
Re-architect – Revamp the entire architecture of the application using decoupling services.
Retain – adhere to the application that needs no redesigning.

Implementation and migration

We create appropriate business process models by extracting the business logic from the legacy apps that need migration or re-engineering and develop the required components with the right tools with new platforms and architectures.


Even if your systems are old, they are still essential to the operation of your enterprise. As a result, our strategy includes a defined roadmap that divides monoliths into microservices. This guarantees that all functions remain operational.

DevOps and Automation

Automation is more than just optimization; our engineers utilize it to deliver dynamism, agility, resilience, and security to your business and applications. This establishes a standard vocabulary among teams and lays the route for building/modifying features correctly.

Support and Enhancement

We provide governance initiatives and continuous support for newly migrated or re-engineered applications for seamless operations ensuring efficient system uptime.

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When to Migrate and Modernize

If your organization recognizes any of the following key triggers, it may be time to take steps toward modernization:


  • You’re spending just as much on the cloud as you were on on-premise
  • Your applications aren’t scaling when needed to meet demand on your biggest days/ handle high-traffic and complex business operations
  • Your competitors are growing faster than you are or are nipping at your market share
  • Your current IT security is strained by managing legacy systems and it is prone to cyber threats
  • You have high negative reviews and low retention rate due to poor end-user experience
  • Reliability, performance, availability, etc. continue to be a challenge
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