Automation at Workplace

Automation at Workplace

How wonderful it may sound, I mean the “Automation”, but this wonder is also a problem for many people. The problem is all they are worried about the jobs, whether automation will take their jobs. I would like to take the perception in different angle as how the automation will accelerate human capabilities and re-invent the workplace. Again, I understand this lonely perception won’t take the fear away, but I just want to add an example of a few years back when ATM machines were introduced and how people thought that jobs of bank tellers would vanish away but nothing at all happened. Instead, banks brought themselves into fewer worry factors about cash functioning of collecting and distributing. Not just that but also bank tellers can focus on different roles giving contemplation at investment advice and customer relations.

Automation should be considered the acceleration of human capabilities. It should be taken as an opportunity that can develop new skills and competencies for an organization. Enhancing the skills and focusing on something that is more important for the organization. We should focus constantly on exploring what automation can bring more for us. The acceptance that automation is for the betterment of human capabilities will bring a lot for the industries.

Intelligent automation is to replace the skills not jobs according to a study. Automation will drive growth and is going to responsible for the development and long-term values. A strategic approach towards development which is going to take enterprises on the ground of digitalization, the real time. It will enhance and empower the workforce by automating and focusing on delivering essential processes. Automation is going to give a chance to focus on employee skills and growth of an organization’s overall capabilities.

Automation is a collaboration platform so whether for an organization or a startup it is beneficial to both. Automation may distribute your work and allow you to focus on some value chain that is more important than those prescribed tasks and let you efficiently do the other essential things.
Automation indeed is an opportunity for the enterprises to evolve their strategy and walk on the roads to be competitive. The new workforce is going to be dynamics, different alternative models, and integrating intelligent automation that would reinvent the workplace. Thus, human and intelligent automation is going to be the new picture for the workplace with the enhancement of capabilities delivering the growth of an organization.

So, the conclusion is rather than worrying about the jobs to be taken we should focus more on how the automation is going to improve the existing system and identify the real opportunities which would be the win-win case for the organization as well as employees. Automation has a lot of things for human and enterprises we just need to focus more on the positive aspects. Again, automation is addition things rather than any subtraction and if something is to be subtracted than it is inaccuracy, errors, and other uncertainties that occur during the process. Wonders are on their way when they are coming with automation.


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