Connection is the new Trend in Manufacturing

Connection is the new Trend in Manufacturing

Leonardo Da Vinci said- “Everything is connected to Everything” and this is so true, our world is full of connections. Not only people but from giant machines to smaller devices everything is connected. In this connected world, businesses are growing more, and the prediction says it will grow more within the coming years. The connection has become the communication, I mean the new language machine to machine is really helping industries growing their business with more precise data. More businesses are turning with these technologies, with more accurate data, workflows and production processes.

This is the smart manufacturing

‘Internet of Things’ is a big word and more than a word it’s a huge impact. We can say machine to machine communication is the new smart manufacturing that are intelligently connected to each other. They work with real-time data and give the best output in the workflow. Industries should switch themselves to Machine to Machine, it would be a cost-effective affair, optimize the process and get better insights for their manufacturing industries.

Let’s take an example, there are 10 machines assigned for the task to be completed within a fixed variable of time. What if one of the machine goes down and because of this it would also affect the scheduled task. If we can imply machine to machine technology, it would notify the supervisor as soon the machine goes down and suggest how now to manage the task accordingly with some protocol.

Machine to Machine, is already helping different manufacturing industries to transform their process. Let me show you some points as of how they are leveraging the benefit.

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Machine Learning and Human Learning

This would be the perfect combination where machine to machine technology would play well. With enhancement in Artificial Intelligence, we are also exploring more in neuroscience. It can complete the gap between the machine’s output and human’s queries.

This combination would help the new technicians to learn more diving down into technical aspects making them learn through a real experience with these virtual devices such as AR/VR. The whole process would result in the machine data supplemented more through human experience.

Security and Data Consistency

For every other organization, data consistency is a major concern and that always leads to various questions about security. Is my data secure when transferred from one machine to other, how can I be sure that my data has been transformed without any changes from servers and so on the question arises?

Assuring about consistency the data goes through numerous check. Amount of data been sent, and exactly that is what we have received without a single minor change is been taken care of. Even the security concerns are taken much specifically that ensure of less risk.

The strategic approach to data

Analytics always plays a major role with data, so we must figure out the right analysis for our data. There are two analytics that comes in picture here, one is edge and the other is enterprise analytics. Edge analytics deals with Machine to machine and IoT output, whereas the enterprise deals with ERP, CRM, PLM and Supply management. The next part that comes is who will use the analytics and what level of analytics is required.

These are some magnifying points which make us understand the benefits of machine to machine technology. Not to miss the machine to machine technology also serves the best user experience along with customer experience as well. So be the part of this connected world and make your business get directly connected to growth.


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