Ensure data integrity and consistency across the business infrastructure with SAP MDG

Ensure data integrity and consistency across the business infrastructure with SAP MDG

As one of the transformational technologies of the era, SAP Master Data Governance allows enterprises to maintain, manage, and monitor their enterprise data with ease. If you want to adopt and integrate an all-in-one data management tool, SAP MDG is a decent pick. It lets you govern all of your enterprise data, consolidating all under a single head.

Equipped with the latest industry solutions and corresponding tools, SAP MDG reduces maintenance while improving the quality of data. And in this blog post, we will tell you what kind of challenges you can overcome with it.

Challenges that might arrive due to infrastructural Changes without Proper Digitization of Processes

Let’s say, your business is one of the leading chemical production company that specializes in manufacturing of goods for personal care as well as for industrial purposes. The company has its business spread across 3 different countries with offices located in 17 different cities. It has nearly 1700 employees working across the world. Recently, you have added a new office in New York and now plan to extend it to four more cities. Staying at the forefront of innovation, you are all set to begin a new journey.

Now, what kind of challenges you might face?

  • From financial accounting to supply chain management, and customer support, the inconsistency in data across all locations could turn out to be a nightmare for the organization.
  • Employees might have to spend hours working on financial aspects, updating the data and bearing up with inconsistencies.
  • With respect to the supply chain department, the organization might fail to get in-depth insights into the materials.
  • The old system, you were using, lacks in transparency and end to end visibility which disrupted the performance of the entire department.
  • The customer-facing professionals will be struggling to get hold of user data at the right time.
  • Lack of information, at this stage, can make things even tougher for marketing professionals who are left with nothing but dozens of questions.

These challenges are self-sufficient in forcing any organization to pause all of its activities and find a solution at the earliest. Isn’t it?

How SAP MDG helps?

SAP Master Data Governance is the state-of-the-art enterprise data management solution and has proven to be the best tool with respect to consolidating organization data and streamlining the process of managing the same.

Now if you remember the example we gave in previous section, it is clear that the example business required modifications. It would not only want to remove the bottlenecks but also improve the operability of the master database.

This is where the idea of SAP MDG came into play.

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SAP Master Data Governance is an excellent tool and a recent addition to the family of SAP solutions. It is designed to offer a domain-centric data governance solution that includes the generation, modification as well as the distribution of master data. SAP MDG is an ideal solution for the SAP ERP system and the integration of the same within business operations helps improve the maintenance of master data.

As an onus, the solution comes with automation which further accelerates the time taken to process business operations. Moreover, it helps in, higher data security, data integration and consolidation and improves productivity.

Benefits of Using SAP MDG

  • Leveraging SAP MDG, organizations can effectively store and maintain all of their enterprise data. Starting with the supplier to the customers, the financial record, and/or of the goods.
  • A significant audit trail that helps track the changes to the database. What’s best is that it also specifies who has modified the data, when, and how.
  • The tool is customizable, adaptable, and also configurable. Meaning that it can be adjusted as per the needs of the business.
  • SAP MDG helps in harmonization and consolidation of data.
  • End to end transparency of data enabling the professionals to understand and make data-driven decisions with ease.
  • The presence of built-in tools and templates makes it easier to store data.
  • SAP MDG has a rule-based workflow. This is controlled and monitored individually which further accounts for the introduction of automation within the line of business operations.
  • Allows you to reuse the existing logic and the infrastructure for storing and authenticating enterprise data.

Our Approach to Implementing SAP MDG

We, at Stridely Solutions, are always specific about the solution. Initially, when any such business approaches us, we have our consultation team that visit their premises and understand their requirements. Only after we were sure of the issues, we move ahead to propose a solution for the same. Our team sits with the IT department of the client company to understand how data is stored and what are the problems being faced by different departments.

While drafting the proposal all of the issues are considered. After intense studying and assessment, we go ahead and suggest the integration of SAP MDG within the business’s infrastructure.

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One thing is for sure in such cases – Once you understand what SAP MDG is and how will the adoption of the solution fix their issues and meet your requirements, you will definitely want to upgrade your infrastructure with it.

Which SAP MDG Integration Services you must look for?

Besides assessing data and preparing the system for the migration, major offerings from the top service providers included:

  • General data management for Suppliers

    Data management for suppliers is one of the toughest tasks to accomplish. It should be made sure that all of the supplier’s data is effectively stored and processed. It helps avoid any confusion in the future.

  • Data consolidation and mass processing

    Consolidation and integration of master data is the core of SAP MDG. Experts should performed rigorous tests on the system to ensure that all of the data has been consolidated with zero duplicates. In addition to the above, the system should be prepared to generate and process data in massive amounts without disrupting the speed or performance of the system.

  • Easy replication to S4

    All of the data should be effectively replicated to S4, ensuring that the quality of data remains unharmed.

All in all, performing these important things will make your system adept in the ability to govern as well as manage data from a single platform without any hassle.

The Final Say

SAP MDG simplifies the data management and processing by consolidating all under a single platform. In a way, this eliminates the need for multiple frameworks. As far as the future is concerned, we expect the tool to level up in terms of automation, enhancing the performance of the system.

Stridely Solutions excel in developing an automated solution providing the cutting edge in the market. If you too want to upgrade your business and embed technology-rich features, contact us.




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