FedEx Integration in SAP Hybris eCommerce – Everything you need to know about it.

FedEx Integration in SAP Hybris eCommerce – Everything you need to know about it.

With its history dating back to 1997, Hybris accounts for a group of products, largely related to sales, marketing, and eCommerce. Back in 2013, the German company was owned by SAP and since then, it is referred to as SAP Commerce Cloud. It is believed that the family of products offered by SAP Hybris aims at reducing operational complexity while increasing efficiency and boosting end to end performance.

This article is designed to help you understand what SAP Hybris ideally is and can you integrate shipment plugin such as FedEx in your e-commerce portal. But before that, we would love to give you a few insights about SAP Hybris and how it helps e-commerce ventures.

What is SAP Hybris Technology?

In simple terms, SAP Hybris is an e-commerce platform that allows users to trade as a B2B and B2C business entity. Owing to the above, the SAP Hybris platform has positioned itself as an omnichannel solution in the e-commerce industry. They not only simplify operations but at the same time facilitates end to end customer engagement.

As a matter of fact, the Hybris team keeps customer service at the core, aligning features with the expectations of the same. It allows entrepreneurs to target customers across multiple channels without any hassle and engage swiftly. It has a simple and intuitive interface which makes it easier for the customers as well as the employees to work. With its extensive suite of products, it offers all-round capabilities and the major ones include:

  • SAP Hybris Products for Commerce
  • SAP Hybris Products for Marketing
  • SAP Hybris Products for Sales
  • SAP Hybris Products for Service
  • SAP Hybris Products for Billing
  • SAP Hybris Cross-Functional Solution

Having said the above, it is clear that SAP Hybris is ideally the best when designing an e-commerce solution. The next thing that we talk about is integration. When running an online store, you must have a reliable shipment structure to serve your customers better. While there are multiple companies that claim to offer flawless services, one that stands out of FedEx.

As one of the largest chains in the shipping and logistics sector, FedEx promises a swifter and quicker delivery solutions. Apart from the hordes of features, it has to offer, integration of the FedEx plugin within any e-commerce store is easy. Besides, it renders real-time cost for delivery making everything transparent and clear.

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Why is FedEx Integration important?

Running an e-commerce store, you are bound to offer efficient and effective customer service. Not only in terms of the product offered but also the services that you provide. Right from the login process to shipment and delivery, everything must be pixel perfect. This is where FedEx integration comes into play.

Designed to offer seamless shipment services to its customers, FedEx allows users to track their products while in transit. On the other hand, FedEx integration helps you improve and enhance your store’s shipping process in terms of speed and efficiency.

Integrating FedEx shipment solutions within your Woocommerce store will help you streamline your shipment services while offering your customers the ease to stay updated on the delivery.

Still not sure why you must pick FedEx for your online store. Here are a few reasons that might help you make the decision.

  • Easy integration: When it comes to an e-commerce solution, it is important to choose a platform that is easy to integrate. With FedEx, you need not worry about how to integrate the same within your e-commerce. It offers a quick and easy way for the same. As the next-generation API, FedEx integration happens without any hassle.
  • Helps streamline operations: Integrating FedEx will help you organize your workflow from top to bottom. Starting with how to designate the best rates, tracking the shipment, and estimating transit times, FedEx helps you with all.
  • Reduce Manual Work: FedEx software solution is backed by technology. With this, you can not only automate the basic processes but also reduce the total amount of manual work done. In addition to the above, cut down the time otherwise spent on generating labels, selecting rates, and/or exchanging data.

Benefits of FedEx Integration

  1. Automates most of the tasks reducing the amount of manual work done.
  2. FedEx is fully interoperable. Meaning that it can gel well with all types of products or services.
  3. FedEx integration saves a lot of time which can be used to do better and productive work.
  4. Immediate response facilitating hassle-free online tracking and reporting.

In case you are planning to set up your e-commerce solution through SAP Hybris E-commerce Solution and would want to integrate FedEx for shipment, here are a few steps that will guide you through the process.

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How to integrate FedEx with SAP Hybris eCommerce?

In the “FedEx Web Services Column”, you will find all of the web services that you can call from your SAP system. Follow the steps given below to integrate FedEx with the SAP Hybris E-commerce solution.

  1. Begin with signing up to the FedEx Developer Resource Center to get access to detailed information
  2. Next, identify the relevant web services (most likely of type SOAP web service)
  3. For the appropriate service, download it’s. WSDL document.
  4. Next, in SE80, create a web service consumer proxy for the web service, using the WSDL document
  5. Move to transaction SOAMANAGER. Here, configure the logical port and fill in the required details.
  6. Finally, write ABAP code that calls the web service through the consumer proxy.

And your job is done.


FedEx is apparently one of the most efficient shipping plugins available over the web. While you can do the integration process all by yourself, following the step given above, we recommend taking help from the experts.

In case you plan to meet an expert from the industry, reach out to us. We offer IT consultancy solutions to enterprises across the globe, helping them with all the integration and support solutions. We have a team of skilled professionals who are passionate about helping you improve your business functionality. Get in touch with us to know more.



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