Guide to Building AI solutions with Microsoft AI Builder

Guide to Building AI solutions with Microsoft AI Builder

These days, organizations around the globe are experiencing unmatched levels of complexity, in terms of diverse supply chains, growing customer expectations, and expanding digital demands. And to grow and succeed in this fast-paced world, organizations are looking for new strategies and courses of action to generate business value.

Data analytics has turned out to be a necessity for the decision-making and success of the organization. And in this endeavor, AI is playing an instrumental role in driving business insights, curtailing the probability of human error, and enhancing comprehensive business efficiency.

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AI applies advanced analysis and logic-based techniques and interprets in an hour what would otherwise take us a lifespan. It has shown immense potential to change the way organizations work and witnessed unprecedented growth that highlights its credibility. However, AI is majorly practiced by technical staff only and is not handy to everyone within an organization. To fill this gap Microsoft launched AI Builder.

Microsoft AI Builder

Since intelligence is limited, relatively few organizations have data scientists or pro developers on hand. By means of its Power Platform and Common Data Service, Microsoft is assisting such businesses to analyze their data. It aims to place AI solutions within the reach of businesses, with no-code capabilities.

Microsoft AI Builder allocates a state of the art competence for various power platforms and assists in the improvement of business processes. It empowers organizations to use AI to automate processes and extract judgment from the data.

Microsoft AI Builder provides capabilities to Microsoft Power Platform, to provide AI models, designed to optimize the business processes. It is a low code platform that reduces the development time and cost significantly and also supports almost all databases. The tool comes with a pre-built model that is ready to use for various typical business scenarios. Nevertheless, it provides custom models also, tailored to specific business needs.

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It confines to the PowerApps Studio and the Microsoft Flow. Now, you can conveniently affix intelligence to your apps without coding. For example, in Power Automate, you can generate a flow to automate document processing.

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AI model types

Microsoft AI Builder comes preloaded with several model types, suited to different business scenarios. There are two different model types available in Microsoft AI Builder:

●  Prebuilt AI builder models

The prebuilt models available in the Microsoft AI Builder assist in adding intelligence to apps and flows, without gathering data. You can build, train, and publish your own AI models as per your business needs. You just have to supply the inputs to the model and it will give output. However, you cannot create any type of alterations or modifications in the output. Currently, the following prebuilt AI models are available in Microsoft AI Builder:

  • Business card reader
  • Text translation
  • Category classification
  • Language detection
  • ID reader

●  Custom AI Builder models

The custom models available in the Microsoft AI Builder can be chosen based on business needs and then trained by providing the data. These custom models are appropriate for applications where the data is distinctive to your business. Currently, the following custom AI models are available in Microsoft AI Builder:

  • Prediction
  • Category classification
  • Entity extraction
  • Object detection
  • Form processing

Build AI solutions for your business

Now with the help of Microsoft AI Builder, you can effortlessly build customized AI solutions for your business. Here we have come up with a comprehensive guide to help you add AI to your business.

Step 1: Choose the AI Builder model type

Microsoft AI Builder comes with various sets of AI solutions. You can choose the model type, based on your business needs.

Step 2: Supply data

After selecting an AI Builder model, best suited to your business needs, it’s time to furnish data.

Step 3: Customize AI Model

Now, you can customize the selected AI Builder model based on requirements, to optimize how your AI performs. You may schedule and filter data based on your needs.

Step 4: Train AI Model

Training the AI model is an automatic process. The AI Builder will automatically guide the AI model to find a solution to business problems. The AI model can also produce perceptions like the result of a prediction or listing the objects spotted in an image.

Step 5: Use results

Now you can use the results from your AI model across all Microsoft Power Platforms and can generate solutions to your business needs.

Key capabilities of Microsoft AI Builder

  • AI Builder extends artificial intelligence solutions to everyone. It offers a low code experience to create AI in business apps and processes. This adds scalability, automation, and additional efficiency to business processes.
  • The business card reader model helps to extract complete information from the business cards.
  • Binary classification predicts future outcomes using historical data.
  • The form processing model assists in extracting text from forms and gives accurate and customized results.
  • The text classification model helps businesses to automatically tag new text. It can easily recognize the patterns within language, tagging and classifying the contents. Now the text entries can be tagged and can be used for routing customer requests, responding to prospect, sentiment analysis, and spam detection. Moreover based on your previously labeled text items, AI Builder classifies unstructured data into specific categories.
  • The object detection model helps to identify, count and locate objects in an image. It can be further used to expedite business processes.
  • The text recognition model automatically processes text from images. It identifies and reads text within photographs or scanned documents, using optical character recognition (OCR).
  • By integrating AI Builder with the Power Platform, you can translate text to over 60 languages. However, this pre-built model is currently available in Power Automate This helps businesses to communicate more effectively with customers on social media and engage them on email.

The power of Microsoft AI Builder

AI offers solutions for concerns regarding the level of complexity combined with uncertainty. Microsoft AI Builder brings a user-friendly approach to AI development and is capable of improving business performance through AI insights.

The no-code interface of AI Builders makes it convenient for anyone to create and train their own AI models. It quickly simplifies tasks and speeds up the business processes. Now you can get straight to productivity with various prebuilt AI models.

Bring AI Builder to your business, and you will be surprised by the whole new world of AI. For any kind of consulting or services related to this Microsoft solution, contact Stridely Solutions. Our experts are highly experienced and skilled in deploying cutting-edge Microsoft Technologies for enterprises.




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