Intelligent Cloud with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Intelligent Cloud with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The advancements that are occurring in the digital world is bringing the globe much closer than it was earlier. At the same time, it is also responsible for driving various activities within the enterprise. These changes are leading to reduction in the costs and also alertness in the way business is being operated. The combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the cloud is something that would happen for real. When it happens then it is surely going to change the scalability of every business. In the past few years, the concept of cloud computing has revolutionised the technology industry. Today it is considered to be one of the staple component for any of the modern solutions which can be further used for a wide range of purposes such as storing of data, sharing the data through collaboration and backup. But as there is advancements happening in AI in a rapid pace, the cloud computing technology would also enter in completely new era. Those industries who can attach the true potential of this “Intelligent Cloud” would put themselves ahead of the competition.

Today businesses are not new for the AI technology based systems. There are various products such as Alexa, Siri which have been in the market for quite some time now. All of these virtual assistants that we use in our daily lives make use of the AI technology in a different way. Those include, setting automatic reminder, voice command recognition and lots more. All of this help in making the life of the individual easier. But when it comes to application of AI in business, the nature of it would be different.

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The concept of machine learning has been there for quite some time now and most of the individuals are also aware about its advantages. The technology of machine learning is basically to help get the machine trained so that they are able to carry out their tasks with minimum or no human interaction. You can call machine learning as a subset of AI wherein it makes use of large number of data sets for all of those testing and training command. You can have these machines work in any of the environments and they are also able to change their output based on what input has been provided along with the type of environment. Machines do have the capability in learning from the past experiences. The algorithms of machine learning when combined with cloud computing can do wonders in the world of cloud platform. “Intelligent Cloud” refers to combination of cloud computing and machine learning.

Currently the usage of cloud would involve process of computing, storage, sharing data and networking. But when you have the machine learning feature instilled in the cloud then it is bound to increase the capabilities of cloud. When they both combines, then the intelligent cloud becomes capable of a lot of things. They are able to learn from huge amount of data that has been stored in the cloud, they are able to analyse the situations and then come up with predictions. All in all, you can say that it would become an intelligent platform for carrying out various task in an efficient manner and accurately.

AI would be in need of huge amount of computer power hence the cloud platform. Along with its unimaginable data processing power and the infinite compute it is one of the ideal places for building up such applications. So when you talk about some biggies in the technology field such as Microsoft, Amazon or Google, their main aim is to create AI applications that are innovative and something which would be useful for the business leading to increase in the traffic through their cloud ecosystem. The very existence of AI would mean that technology has been inseparable linked to cloud computing.

The system of AI would work better on the cloud computing servers. The reason for the same is:

So blend of AI and machine learning along with cloud computing would benefit both technologies. Let us have a look at how this combination is bringing about transformation around the globe:

  • Cognitive computing: Cloud is a storage of huge amount of data. This data is basically acting as a source for the algorithms of machine learning process. There are billions of individual across the globe that make use of cloud for storing, sharing and networking of their data. The machine learning algorithms could learn from the information that is available in the cloud and also get better at functioning over a period of time. These applications would be able to perform certain intellectual processes and at the same time provide predictions in terms of outcomes. Cognitive computing evolution is still at its nascent stage and is able to perform only certain simple tasks which are not so important. However, with the use of advancements in technology in AI and the machine learning research, these systems would surely find other applications in much important industries or sectors such as marketing, finance and healthcare.
  • Business Intelligence: The business intelligent services are also turning out to be intelligent with the combination of machine learning in cloud computing. Cloud computing along with machine learning is helping all of those business intelligence companies so that they can handle real-time data, analyse the data that they have gathered and also make certain predictions based on the collected data. Collaboration of machine learning and cloud computing would turn out to be helpful in bringing about improvement in the current situation in case of the business intelligence system.
  • Acting as a personal assistant: There are various chatbots created by organisations that are turning out to be popular in demand as part of the customer service and also as personal assistants. Certain examples are, the Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Alexa and so on. All of these assistants are built with the help of natural language processing along with the machine learning features. These personal assistants also have their confines in their proficiencies. All of the responses given by these personal assistants are already preprogramed and they are mostly general in nature. Now you can just imagine, what would happen when chatbots as well as the visual assistants combine along with cloud. Surely it would mean that they would start to have access to vast amount of data stored in cloud. This would somehow reduce the difference between machine and human interaction since the machine would now have much more information to be processed.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): The IoT is basically called as a single platform wherein various online and offline devices meet up in a particular environment so as to share the data among themselves and also to draw out useful insights. You can find IoT examples in various sectors such as, smart homes, smart cars, smart healthcare devices and much more. This interconnection among most of the devices would lead to vast generation of data. When cloud comes into picture here along with data science services, they would help out IoT to store and also properly manage this huge data that has been collected in a better way.
  • Increase in the demand for Cloud: Cloud is turning out to be one essential part of daily computing commodity. There has been exhaustive usage of cloud computing for building various applications since it is the future of the technology. Next being the popularity of the machine learning has also led to making use of cloud as a necessity. This would help the companies in staying ahead and at the top of their competitors. With more and more technological advancements occurring, the Intelligent cloud would be used in various crucial sectors as well including finance, healthcare and other sectors. Though it would not be completely replacing humans but surely it can act as their assistants in case of various operations and provide them with better diagnosis and treatment methods.

Conclusion –

The technology transformation has been unlocking a lot of new scenarios which earlier was not possible. The use of connected devices, smart sensors are now being part of our daily lives whether it is at home or in an industrial setting. There are smart phones, smart homes, smart appliances. While most of the new devices are said to be cloud connected. With AI running across most of the systems, we are slowly entering in the era of something called as Intelligent cloud. This intelligent cloud is abundant computing that has been enabled through the public cloud and AI has powered it. So gradually you see that cloud computing and machine learning which is again a subset of AI are changing the way we are living. But this is just the beginning of an era and it would take some time to become functional completely especially in most of the crucial sectors. The presence of machine learning has been making the handling of data much easier task to handle over the cloud. Gradually cloud computing would become more and more intelligent and powerful.


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