Myths you should really knew about IIoT

Myths you should really knew about IIoT

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is really playing a revolutionary role in development and advancement of industries. Over the past few years IIoT is been increasing rapidly across all the industries. As per the forecast report by Forbes Magazine investments are going to reach over 830 billion dollars adding to itIIoT are spending an average of 40 billion dollars for manufacturing, logistics and transportation.

Though the numbers are increasing for IIoT but still it seems there are many conflicts which goes with its benefits and Implementation. Manufacturing Industries are with many of the misconceptions regarding IIoT. Out of the picture the reality they are missing the ability of IIoT transformational power and the operational efficiency. The ability to clear the business models, valuable proposals and markets. Coming to the originality, it’s important to differentiate between fallacy and truth so that manufacturing industries can totally adapt into IIoT. We have found some myths which are really very different from the true scenario.

IIoT is only about device connections??

Yeah, it’s true that it involves many devices, but the fact can’t be missed that connecting devices is the best way to capture the device data. In Manufacturing industries, the connection between the devices really play a vast role and that how the captured data is being useful, these connections are the foundation of IIoT. The results generated from this data creates a value as real-time data that can enable into effective insights for improved decision making. Manufacturing Industries have Original equipment manufacturers(OEMs) that uses the effective insights to prevent asset & operation failures, predict the best outcomes and set maintenance schedules that helps system optimization.

Is it an expensive investment for Manufacturing??

Talking about this point, we can’t agree much. Yes, it does require financial resources, but it is half part of the picture the other one which we shouldn’t neglect is effective insights which is been resulted by IIoT solutions. Let’s make the view clearer, after the implementation cost the results which are oriented by IIoT solutions reduces the cost for production or marketing, which ultimately gives the best of productivity. I think the result of profit is pretty much than just the implementation cost.

Why do manufacturing industries think they still don’t need IIoT??

The biggest Mistake is to even think this that they don’t require IIoT. And not only to focus for manufacturing but every sector requires this technology. It not only improves the processes and procedures but the effective insight that helps for greater efficiency and productivity.

Is IIoT Secure??

Lately news about IIoT security was heard, which gave industries an impression of insecure and no way to make it secure the technology. But at the bottom of truth there are many startups and industries which are already working for IIoT security. By working closely with hardware manufacturers and IIoT solution providers it’s possible to achieve a secure IoT devices and assure about secure data transmission between devices.

The greater part of reality is IIoT is a great power that is going to bring a revolution in industrial sector for both consumers and vendors. To achieve this poetential the industries should really understand the facts and neglect the myths about it. Are you planning for something really big like this, we are more than happy to help you.


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