Next-Generation SAP Managed Services: What All Your Enterprise Can Avail?

Next-Generation SAP Managed Services: What All Your Enterprise Can Avail?

SAP never disappoints its users and endows them with inventive and updated solutions. This is why it’s one of the most preferred and dependable ERP solutions in the market, holding a 24% share. The tools have become a crucial operational aspect for all sorts of businesses, regardless of the industry type and business size.

While using SAP resolves many operational hurdles, its effective implementation is what reaps all these benefits. SAP Managed services is a feasible way to make this happen.

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By taking off the burden of upright and optimized implementation and management of SAP solutions from businesses’ shoulders, SAP Managed services warrants for better ROI and conversed focus on business-critical operations.

SAP Managed Services: A Sure-shot Way to Leverage the Most from your Existing SAP Implementation

Depending upon the needs, SAP implementation can be of various kinds and complexities. The SAP ecosystem is a bit complex as tons of applications and solutions are deployed on the cloud and need to be managed effectively.

S/4HANA migration comes with its own set of struggles. With SAP Managed services, businesses are allowed to enjoy only the perks of SAP and ditch the complexities involved in the implementation and management.

Success Case: SAP S/4 HANA Implementation On Cloud: Machinery Manufacturing Company 

This is enough reason for businesses to adopt SAP-managed services. In fact, many of them have already done this as market predictions indicated that the SAP managed service market is likely to hit the mark of $282 billion as we reach towards the end of 2023.

The operations that customary SAP manages services handle are:

  • Application support and testing
  • Resource optimization and upgrade
  • SAP solution advisory and consulting
  • Application stabilization
  • Remote monitoring of SAP solutions
  • Fully managed to host
  • Service delivery management
  • SAP solution maintenance

With cutting-edge and ultra-modern SAP managed services, one can experience certain exceptional facilities that were absent in the customary SAP managed services.

Here is a crisp overview of them:

  • Exceptional Transparency At Operational and Performance Front 

With next-gen SAP managed services, CIOs and the IT teams of an organization are likely to have ultimate peace of mind as they will be able to find out whether or not the deployed SAP solutions are in their pink health. The task can only be achieved by keeping an eye on the SAP systems’ performance and health over time, which was beyond the capabilities of traditional SAP-managed services.

Their operational areas were limited to deploying SAP solutions, providing updates, and customizing the features. The offered periodical performance reports, by old-fashioned SAP, managed services, weren’t enough to adhere to SLA compliance and knowing the overall SAP system’s health.

The ultra-modern SAP managed services are free to form this loophole and are able to provide continual and comprehensive SAP system health reports. The ongoing performance monitoring is a great way to spot any future complications in their infancy stage and create a viable remedial solution.

  • Automation of SAP Landscape In Performance-based Cloud and Hybrid Ecosystem 

SAP managed services of today’s era goes a step ahead when it comes to maintaining the SAP solutions deployed on cloud and hybrid ecosystem. Cloud and hybrid-based deployment have gained commendable popularity in recent times as it grants facilities like reduced operational cost, enhanced productivity, and leveraged resource accessibility.

SAP managed services offering SAP cloud migration and performance-driven cloud scaling endows enterprises to manage the hybrid landscape and switch between on-cloud and on-premise solutions easily while saving huge operational costs.

Success Case: SAP S/4 HANA Migration : Utilities Gain Flexibility And Optimization With Operational Excellence

Along with the landscape management, modern SAP managed services are able to grant in-depth visibility to the SAP system’s performance while the SAP landscape modifies automatically as per the enterprise’s needs.

This was not the case with earlier SAP managed services and end-users didn’t grant any visibility to the behind-the-curtain operations. This lack of visibility failed enterprises to spot the resource scaling requirements and continue with the lacked SAP capabilities. It was a sheer wastage of resources and caused the unknowing shutting down of crucial activities.

The facility of hybrid and cloud automation, offered by next-gen SAP managed services, empowered enterprises to scale the SAP solution in real-time and optimize the performance accordingly.

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  • Real-time Forecasting and Predictive Analysis  

Enterprises, using cutting-edge SAP managed services, are bestowed with high-end forecasting and predictive analysis abilities. Using this ability, organizations of all sorts can do better budget planning and resource optimization.

Such improved SAP managed services delve deep into the past resource utilization and figure out the viability of a hired SAP solution in the real world. This detailed analysis will allow end-users to decide which solution is bringing the best outcome for enterprises.

Based upon the analysis details, enterprises can predict the future SAP solutions needs and make an informed decision. It’s a viable way to keep the operational costs under control as only useful resources are purchased this time.

Additionally, the analysis is useful to plan the work schedule of the hired resources and receive timely updates. This is the game-changer ability for organizations having multiple serves and they can schedule the server updates as per the needs of the hour or based upon the utility rate.

Using such detailed SAP managed services ensures that the money is invested visibility and only those SAP solutions that will bring the best ROI.

  • Continual Monitoring and Management of Business Processes 

Enterprises will get benefitted greatly from modern SAP managed services offering process monitoring and management. With such inventive SAP managed services, manufacturing industry-related enterprises are allowed to monitor the business processes in real-time and spot the hidden business process abnormalities.

This ability allows manufacturing enterprises can reduce the impact of business process damages without hampering the actual productivity. Here is a real-world example of this ability:

Suppose a manufacturing enterprise has a business process attached with the label printers and facing issues. Today’s advanced SAP managed service provider will act proactively and spot the issue in infancy stag, reset the printer, and will automatically fix the trouble. 

This high-end automation at business process anomaly detection wasn’t experienced before. Nonetheless, it’s here to assist enterprises today and allow them to expect improved cost optimization and enhanced business processes.

  • Promptness at Operational Audits 

Auditing is a crucial part of every enterprise and can’t be ignored at any cost. Audit deals with various aspects; the key ones are ensuring implementation of market security’s best practice and their continual operability.

Traditional SAP managed services didn’t realize the worth of audits and failed to offer audit readiness to the enterprises. The best assistance offered, related to audits, with old-school SAP managed services is collecting the data for audits. That’s it. Nothing added efforts are made for completing the audits process.

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With advanced SAP managed services, the audit can be handled at each stage. They go beyond collecting the data. They can monitor all the audit points and create detailed reports automatically.

Creating an audit report is a time-consuming task and when next-gen SAP managed services can take care of this task then enterprises enjoy ultimate peace of mind and are allowed to focus on key business processes.

Also, timely and data-driven audit reports ensure that enterprises are adhering to the best security and compliances practices.

Choose the Right SAP Managed Service Provider 

Seeing the sheer volume of benefits that SAP-managed servicer brings, it’s hard to maintain a safe distance for them. While you think of availing of SAP managed services, selecting the dependable managed service provider is a tough task as there are many key players in the market.

Only a forward-thinking MSP or managed service provider holds the ability to bring these perks to enterprises. Here is what one should keep in mind while selecting the SAP managed service provider:

  • Make sure that the selected SAP managed service provider offers all the SAP managed services. Doing so saves a huge deal of time, effort, and money invested in SAP solution management and one subscription can take care of all the needs. The key SAP services to watch out for are SAP Cloud Services, SAP Hosting Services, SAP Application Management Services, SAP Business Suites – SAP ECC, SAP HANA Operations Services, and SAP S/4 HANA migrations and implementation.
  • Opt for an SAP managed service provider who has in-house SAP experts with a proven record of accomplishment. The more experience managed service provider has in the industry and domain, the better service experience an enterprise is likely to encounter. With in-house experts, immediate assistance is a sure thing.
  • Quality assurance should be done based on the SAPCenter of Excellence (SAP CoE). There shouldn’t be any other criteria for determining the quality offered by MSP as it’s a globally recognized quality standard. SAP is a huge landscape and ensuring quality is a tedious task. If the picked SAP managed service provider is SAP CoE certified then no further research is needed.

The Final Say

SAP is a highly powerful ERP solution allowing enterprises to introduce the greatest productivity, optimized performance, and better cost utilization at every front. However, one can expect all these privileges only when SAP solutions are need-based, optimized, and managed continuously.

This is where SAP-managed services by Stridely Solutions come to the rescue. Present day’s expert SAP solution managers go a step beyond and grants facilities like performance monitoring, audit readiness, continual business process monitoring, and many others. Having such advanced SAP managed services allows enterprises to improve productivity and ROI of hired SAP solutions.




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