SAP with IoT, a powerfull IT Arm for Organization

SAP with IoT, a powerfull IT Arm for Organization

We are in the world of Internet and so are the things, Yeah you got me right I’m talking about the Internet of Things(IoT).

The promise of the Internet of Things is that when all of the gadgetry is connected and sending status and use data into the cloud, information will, therefore, be more plentiful and granular. So its just matter of time when any software ventures would come up with something that can have sharper marketing insight, better decision making, greater efficiency, higher productivity, and just plain more good vibes in general. That giant venture, of course, is the SAP!

So to make the world run better and add business value to all those connected things SAP, by way of their line extensions into Big Data, began promoting a new product called “SAP IoT Solutions.” Given the advantages inherent within HANA technology, their offerings are, as usual, compelling.

The SAP IoT Solution started off by offering integration among the three following services:

1. Device Management
2. Message Management
3. Analytics

SAP Leonardo is simply the newly named product line to succeed “SAP IoT Solutions.” The main concept of Leonardo is to leverage (they use the term “bridge”) the use and analysis of Big Data throughout a company’s units and operation.

I’m sure this bridge is gonna fill the technological gap in the best aspect. Develop, deploy, and manage your IoT applications, and automate processes from the cloud to the edge, with IoT platform – including SAP Leonardo IoT Foundation and SAP Leonardo IoT Edge.


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