SharePoint Online as Your Document Management Software – Is it the Optimal Solution?

SharePoint Online as Your Document Management Software – Is it the Optimal Solution?

Business processes run day and night, and it is important to have a system that can effectively monitor the functioning while adhering to the needs of productivity, and efficiency. It is seen that the inception of an automated system streamlines most of the business operations and in a manner that is profit-oriented.

How about integrating such kind of automation in document management? It is of no surprise that managing documents is a mundane and time-consuming process. Further, manual processing or management is prone to errors and has the risk of data loss. On the contrary, using an ADM or more specifically, Automated Document Management software to cater to all the organizing and managing processes of your business documents not only enhances the overall productivity but at the same time reduces the possibility of data loss or errors.

Furthermore, the fine tuning business process with an automated system deters the need for a manual employee to sit for hours and perform the task. This in a way enables employees to focus on much more important tasks and get over the job of managing thousands of documents. Often, employees working on document management find it hard to properly execute their other tasks and likewise, the organization suffers from reduced operational productivity.

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No doubt, automation would disrupt the industry but for the good. A lot of debates follow the inception of ADM with critics questioning what can an automated document software does or is capable of doing?

Features of Automated Document Management Software

  • Mobility: As it is mobile-compatible, managers or professionals can easily attain access to all the documents. Explore and analyze the ongoing task and have a better view of the overall functioning of the system, as and when it appears convenient.
  • Easy To Use Interface: One aspect that has added to the popularity or the rapid integration of automated software is the simplicity of the ease they offer. The entire software is tailored to make document access pretty simple and available in a few clicks.
  • Flexible / Compatible: Automated software isn’t rigid, meaning that they can seamlessly integrate and gel with other tools or technologies of different companies. This enables accessing inter-organization data or tools which might be beneficial for the organization, in the long run.
  • Scalable: Using digitized software isn’t meant for staying the same. With smarter tools and much smarter technologies, automated software is adept in learning from the environment and grows along with the organization.
  • Security Complaint: As a matter of fact, such software apps are mainly cloud integrated. There exist several possibilities where the document, highly critical for the organization needs to be secured. Where manual management might be risky, using automated software for document management embed total security with restricted access to users apart from the organization.
    Given the above, organization leaders are convinced enough to automate their document management process within the organization and the most popularly used software being SharePoint Online.

What Is SharePoint Online?

Adhering to all the features highlighted above, SharePoint online is a DMS software built on the office 365 platform to add flexibility in document management processes. The software is both easy to use and customizable with mobile compatibility. It is seen that this software can work endlessly with healthcare portals, banking infrastructure, manufacturing industry and is capable of meeting the industrial standards.

If you are planning on restructuring your existing system and going digital, SharePoint online is the best choice.

Why SharePoint Online?

  • SharePoint online is adept in centralized storing with extended support to documents of form slab, .ppsx, .odt and 3D models.
  • SharePoint online software comes along with the tagging features where documents based on their content can be indexed. This enables easy retrieval of documents.
  • SharePoint online has its excellent option of integrating with the optical character recognition software. This not only leads to digitization but promote automated checks on errors as present in the documents.
  • The automated software management software allows search operation to be executed effectively and in the shortest possible time. The search engine uses content, the title of the document and metadata to perform the task.
  • SharePoint Online enables real-time collaboration with multiple people working on the document simultaneously. The software embeds an automated workflow where basic operations are automatically passed on to the different end to be verified or signed.
  • SharePoint online involves multi-factor authentication embedding total security and further restricting unauthorized access.
  • It supports the audit trail to adhere to the compliance rules. The software also enables the automatic deletion of documents that are no longer needed.
  • Seamless integration with office 365 and additional tools. Further, the software is also compatible with third-party integration of tools like ERP, CRM, BI, HR, accounting, ticketing, and asset management system. This in a way eliminates the need of users to switch between portals for different tasks.

How SharePoint DMS Work?

To integrate automated software for document management as the SharePoint Online, you need to have a total understanding of the functioning of the same. The prime processes or steps involved in the overall working of SharePoint online includes:

  • Discovery and business analysis.
  • Design of the Architecture.
  • Designing and development of automated workflows.
  • Configuration of services, processes, and applications, services.
  • Solution deployment (including document migration).
  • Testing
  • Customization of UI and UX.
  • User acceptance testing.
  • After-release support


While you may still be debating on whether or not you should opt for the SharePoint online as an automated document management software, it is no doubt that the software is versatile and flexible, streamlining business operations in a manner that fosters the overall efficiency of the organization. The fact that SharePoint online is scalable, it enables seamless integration with third-party tools and further ensures that the needs of all business are figuratively met.

Whether you are a small start-up or a fifty fortune organization, using SharePoint online as the automated document management software would only better the speed at which document management is done while promoting transparency across all operations.


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