Streamline processes & tasks to boost your business productivity, with Microsoft Power Automate!

Streamline processes & tasks to boost your business productivity, with Microsoft Power Automate!

Digitization happens to have a profound impact on business operations. Organizations are keenly eyeing upon apps to improve their business workflow and aid automation. As a matter of fact, there do prevail a number of applications that have the power to transform the course of day to day activities. One among these is the unprecedented application namely, Microsoft Power Automate.

As opined by some of the industry experts, this software works miraculously, tying up all other enterprise applications to be used through a single platform. Put simply, Microsoft Power Automate aims at uniting all applications and enforce them to work like a daisy chain. Well, that’s what the nerds speak about. Let’s not get blindsided and peak in to find the actual implication of the technology.

What is Microsoft Power Automate?

Have you ever thought about how can you get two machines to talk to? Machine Learning, you guessed it right. How about having two applications talk?

Not sure?

Now that’s the power of Microsoft Power Automate. A cloud-based office 365 solution tailored to connect different enterprise applications in a way that they can communicate and build a workflow.

Consider, for example, your inventory is expected to have 500 units of a certain chemical. To ensure that the stock is always above this threshold, you would need to be on the lookout and keep track of the same, every now and then. At any point in time, if there occurs a fall, an order has to be made to the production department, right?

Now all of this is done manually. Imagine having a system that can all by itself keep track of the stock and as soon as the number falls below 500, an order is automatically raised. Surprised?

This is exactly what Microsoft Power Automate does. It automates the workflow between multiple applications in order to increase the productivity and efficiency of the entire infrastructure.

What’s best about Power Automate is that all of the workflows are customizable and you can create a simple or a complicated one, based on the needs of your organization. With this, you can also create multi-step workflows which include integration between platforms such as Mailchimp, Salesforce, LinkedIn, etc.

Features of Microsoft Power Automate

While the organizations that have served their time with Microsoft Flow might be well versed in the concept of automation and the manner in which, Microsoft facilitates workflow. Yet, Microsoft Power Automate is an enhanced version of Microsoft Flow and has some exciting add-ons.

The core features of Microsoft Power Automate includes:

  • One-Point Integration

    With the sole intent of integrating all enterprise apps in a single platform, Microsoft Power Automate fosters uninterrupted communication between all of the apps operational in the enterprise.

  • Intuitive Interface

    The software solution has a very simple and interactive interface. It gives you the ease to use the predefined templates, drag them and add to the optimized workflow. Microsoft Power Automate fosters no-code interface making it easier to automate the business workflow.

  • Seamless Optimization

    The power platform gels well with all kinds of applications, even the ones that are part of the siloed infrastructure and lacks API. The UI easily induces desktop applications and legacy-based web solutions within the platform.

  • Embed RPA

    One of the excellent features of Microsoft Power Automate is the introduction of Robotic Process Automation. The feature is capable of tracking each and every activity of the user and the replace the same in an automated environment. Right from the mouse click to the document sent, the robot can do all. It seems as these bots are intelligent machines and have the power to trigger actions without human intervention.

  • AI Intelligence

    Besides supporting the RPA application, the power automates platform also embed AI intelligence to drive a series of tasks and business processes. Inducing a zero-code environment, the professional using the platform must not be a technology expert. Integrating AI models is pretty easy and can be done within a matter of seconds.

  • Power BI Connectors

    Connecting additional databases have never been easier before. Thanks to the Power BI connectors present in the Microsoft Power Automate platform, deployment teams can instantly drive a connection between the enterprise applications and the third party databases. This helps leverage business intelligence and advanced analytics to gain insights and drive smarter decisions.

  • Mobility

    With power automate, you need not stick to the norms of a desktop. The platform is compatible with most of the devices including smartphones and tablets. This gives you the ease to keep track of your business processes remotely and even access information anytime, anyplace.

Advantages of Microsoft Power Automate

  • Streamline the day to day tasks, ensuring that you never miss a mail or any important notification.
  • One platform to share, connect and collaborate data enterprise-wide.
  • Common data model with equal access to all of the potential members of the team.
  • Automation drives the processing time, increasing the speed as well as efficiency. Also, the fact that machines are allocated the day to day mundane tasks, they render accurate results and aren’t prone to errors.
  • It does not require additional knowledge or expertise to run and configure the system.

Does Your Organization Need Microsoft Power Automate?

Knowing about the platform and the features it has to offer, a question arises here is where your organization needs the power to automate the platform?

Given the features as said above, Microsoft Power Automate tends to automate the entire business workflow and in a way, improves the productivity of the organization. Whether it is about collaborating different mails or receiving notifications about the same from a particular sender, the power automate platform does all.

Wondering if you could process forms between emails and SharePoint? Don’t worry the Power Automate platform helps here too. And the best thing being, one need not be a tech expert or have coding knowledge. Any person with a decent knowledge of working over digital platforms can customize and configure the platform, initiating automation.




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