What Makes Odoo ERP the Best Pick for SMEs?

What Makes Odoo ERP the Best Pick for SMEs?

SMEs (small to medium-sized businesses) sector is one of the famous models operating globally. The entrepreneurs from this fastest-moving world contribute to cutting-edge technical revolutions. To develop and keep pace with the digital transformations, SMEs adopt Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP solutions massively.

The most commendable thing about using an ERP for SMEs is that all assigned tasks and operations are accomplished through a single dashboard control with data sharing options and built-in analytics.

Here comes the Odoo ERP. It’s the best-in-class and all-inclusive system, offering many features and business applications for hassle-free enterprise management. So, apart from these glimpses, you must know more about what makes Odoo ERP the best choice for SMEs. Then only will you be able to utilize it right.

Let’s dive right into it.

What is Odoo ERP software?

Odoo ERP is open-source software, previously well-known as OpenERP. It covers a broad array of modules and apps, for example, sales, project management, development, CRM, management of HR, etc.

The formation and execution of Odoo ERP let you select from numerous models available in the store. The official Odoo ERP solution offers you premium end-to-end services, for example, integration, personalization, deployment & implementation, and support for practical training.

In brief, Odoo ERP Development and Implementation will allow you to boost your company’s productivity and processes.

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Why choose Odoo ERP for SMEs?

Odoo has already become the preferable ERP solution for every SME, providing intuitive and powerful features. This is how the SMEs can now be used to manage various business verticals, such as trading, manufacturing, retailing, etc.

Also, with Odoo ERP, companies don’t need to pay a licence fee, making it a complete cost-efficient solution for SMEs. Let’s see more compelling reasons.

1.  Customization-friendly themes and apps

As Odoo ERP is customization-friendly, it can be quickly integrated according to business requirements. Also, a customized Odoo ERP with integrated ERPs can be installed expeditiously without any professional’s help. The Odoo developers assist the businesses in installing the Odoo ERP applications with various offers, such as customized apps, 24/7 approach, and so on.

2. Scaling of your business

Odoo ERP was created with the notion that SMEs have diverse requirements at specific times as they thrive. Countless factors, such as the scope of operation, business size, and resources, affect the most apt system.

Fortunately, Odoo is formed with the modularity concept, implying the smartphone applications, which allow you to customize your device. The biggest functionality of this management software arrives from a wide series of closely integrated apps. Those can be rapidly combined to create an instance attuned to the specific needs of your business.

Indeed, the functionality range for small and medium businesses are pretty huge, but the piece of great news is the models can be implemented as wanted, and those can stand independently.

3. Odoo ERP is economical

The Odoo platform’s implementation is deeply affected by the category of SME’s economic tools as it can be acquired on a subscription basis, advantageous for SMEs. Also, as far as the operations costs are concerned, it’s on the lower side than the available ERP solutions, making it an effective and abundant choice for SMEs. Therefore, Odoo ERP offers all the capabilities at a much moderate to lower rate without jeopardizing the company’s budgets.

4. One-in-all application

As every business needs gear to develop, Odoo ERP solution can provide almost everything to jump out on revenue! From hassle-free buying, production, and inventory to delivery, Odoo ERP helps SMEs grow. The section which should be managed is enormous for any business, and for every section to be controlled by the company must have various software apps, such as CRM, Fleet management software, and HR software.

The small organizations are unable to handle the huge cost of various software management. Here, Odoo ERP comes into play to safeguard those companies by bringing every practical and controlling department under a single platform. Small, medium and large corporations can pick up their preferred software from the Odoo app store at a very nominal budget.

5. Streamlined User Interface

With Odoo ERP, navigation becomes quick and hassle-free due to the captivating laid out and streamlined interface. In contrast to other ERP solutions, which are cluttered and challenging, Odoo stands out from the crowd because of its simple UI that allows hassle-free execution of a function.

6. Odoo provides comprehensive solutions

Odoo ERP, as a business, can be availed by various sectors of enterprises. Being an open-source ERP software, Odoo is mainly built for SMEs with modules accessible to specific industries’ manufacturing and trade services.

On the other hand, the biggest benefit of using the Odoo ERP solution is that it’s a straightforward web-based ERP application where you can update and modify information from anywhere. Some other enticing features that the companies can use are:

  • Integration with eCommerce
  • Inventory management and assessment
  • Reporting management
  • Point of sales
7. Maintains transparency

Odoo ERP maintains transparency by lowering the need to re-enter or export data, causing lesser errors and glitches and leading to seamless business performance. Also, Odoo ERP increases productivity, which is a crucial aspect of every SME. It drastically reduces the huge investment in HR; this is how automating every business operation simultaneously.

8. Surpass collaboration and improve communication

Implementing Odoo ERP for SMEs can bring numerous changes in the collaboration sector. Lack of collaboration and poor communication generated from the employee not having data whenever required. However, Odoo assists in outstripping collaboration when every employee has quick data access throughout all the departments. This is how it facilitates the collaboration process.

Integrating Odoo ERP for SMEs can result in drastic changes as far as communication between various work departments is considered. Poor communication and collaboration offer inaccessibility and unavailability of the data. As no thriving business would want such a mishap, that’s why choosing Odoo ERP for SMEs become highly significant.

9. Availability ease

Deploying an ERP for any company is a cinch if Odoo ERP is used. This software can quickly be downloaded in a jiffy through the internet. Anyone with access to the internet could go for the Odoo ERP’s requirement check and features to fulfil the desired business needs.

10. Seamless connection with other tools

The third-party applications can be linked with the Odoo ERP software because of its quick integration capabilities. It will be significantly advantageous for the SMEs to utilize the committed operational tools that can cater to every aspect of SME’s business operations with particular tools and the management aspects of Odoo with the guidance of third-party applications and tools.


Odoo ERP was launched as a small ERP in 2005, which has paved its way to the leading success journey. In the shortest span of 15 years, Odoo ERP successfully rolled out its Odoo Version 14 in September 2020. Therefore, it’s proven that all businesses can obtain maximum benefits from Odoo ERP implementation.

From lowering work charges to maximizing productivity to advancing business flow, countless benefits of adding this premium business management software are there into your lucrative business. However, with the well-defined operation controls and exclusive operation methodology, the Odoo ERP platform is an authentic business suite for SMEs for effective and reliable business operations management.





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