Why you should develop your Mobile App with Xamarin

Why you should develop your Mobile App with Xamarin

The World of Mobile Application is changing rapidly. Industries are adapting more towards Mobile Technology, in this fast-growing technology environment, developing mobile apps to keep up with the growing demands can only be achieved with the right set of tools and a right approach.

To my quest for right tools and approach, I came across Xamarin that is such a development platform that can help get that speed-edge when it comes to developing, testing and release mobile applications quickly across iOS, Android and Windows. Here are a few ways to accelerate the mobile app development using Xamarin.

Consider Cross-platform Mobile Apps

Native mobile apps are objectively better than other approaches but now they had come with heavy development overheads for multi-platform development. Xamarin is designed from the ground to share code across platforms for native apps. The best thing is, as 75% of source code can be shared across iOS, Android and Windows, enabling faster time-to-market across various cross-platform apps.

Adopt an agile development approach

Agile development is a popular and effective approach to mobile development. The principles of Agile development relate to efficiency, built-in quality, deferred-commitment, rapid delivery and optimization, which are a part of Xamarin’s feature list.

In-built UI frames and controls

Rather than directly going for developing mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows independently, Industries can leverage Xamarin to deploy these apps at the same time. The main advantage is that Xamarin forms to share up to 100% code across iOS, Android & Windows and improve time-to-market. Xamarin offers various in-built UI frames and pages with over 40 cross-platform layouts and controls to be used, thus this reduces the development time. These ready-to-use layouts & controls include gesture support, lists, labels, buttons and some other common controls. Xamarin developers use these specific controls to share the backend C# code across platforms in order to quickly build fully native mobile apps.

Adopt incomparable Testing Features with Xamarin TestCloud

As from so many platforms and a steady increase in the number of mobile users, testing cloud-based mobile apps for consistency can be a real headache. Xamarin TestCloud, readily available for Xamarin users, facilitates to rapidly and easily test apps while allowing to interact with multiple mobile devices at the same time. Hence, reducing the time & cost efforts in testing the apps in turn reducing the time-to-market.

Microsoft acquires Xamarin

As Xamarin has been acquired by Microsoft. Azure and Visual studio together to deploy game-changing mobile solutions rapidly at a single go. Xamarin plus Azure-as-a-backend system offers greater security & stability for industrial grade apps, thus becoming a more sophisticated development platform.

Therefore, choosing Xamarin as a cross-platform or native development tool is one of the lowest-risk decisions that any industries can take. Mobile apps for iOS, Windows and Android are prevalent in each and every industrial sector like, manufacturing, food, logistics, media, automotive, entertainment and more.

So are you looking for Mobile App to be developed for your business, then we’ll love to discuss more regarding same. Checkout our services.


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