Automating Business-Critical Processes Via Next-Gen RPA Solutions

Automating Business-Critical Processes Via Next-Gen RPA Solutions

The Introduction:

The client is a leading manufacturer of heavy construction and mining equipment. With operations in several regions and a fast growth curve, the client needed a resilient business process automation solution to improve the efficiency of supply chain operations to minimize delays and errors.

The client contacted Stridely Solutions to revamp its existing processes and was looking for an advanced solution that could improve the efficiency of its existing endeavours.


The company was seeking to deploy an Enterprise-grade automation solution for automating existing workflows. However, the following hurdles made the task harder:

  • Existing supply chain management operations with prevailing process errors, cumbersome manual processes and lengthy error detection and resolution cycles.
  • Current on-premise solutions and proprietary solutions were struggling to deal with unstructured data and ambiguous input formats causing a delay in operations
  • Failed attempt at automating workflows using ad-hoc solutions making the operations highly complex

The company wanted to build a next-gen solution that would be highly flexible when it comes to training, tech support and licensing.

The Solution

Stridely Solutions carefully analyzed the existing operations and brainstormed thoroughly to choose an advanced automation platform for helping the client achieve desired operational efficiencies.

The solution, an avant-garde workflow automation solution powered by Automation anywhere offered the following benefits to the client:

Managing Interface-driven Data and recording errors

The client’s supply chain management team had to regularly resolve errors due to data mismatch between existing business application software and the mainframe. This meant spending hours to manually solve problems related to goods receipts, goods storage and several other unidentifiable records.

Data management and recording errors led to delays in execution of business-critical tasks. At the same time, manual intervention led to wastage of time and increase in chances of further errors due to human negligence.

Stridely built and deployment advanced bots powered by spearheading technologies. The bots continuously monitored the data records automatically to identify errors and resolve the same using a rule-based decision-making system. Relevant stakeholders were also sent resolution email to optimise the workflow completely.

Automatic error resolution in sales order records

Sales order records and data was also not error-proof in the current system. The client’s SCM team had to manually verify data entries and resolve errors manually which made the process slower.

Our bots automated the problem-solving process by analyzing all the sales orders, verifying all details using high-end SQL queries in the mainframe, updating the mainframe data and notifying the users about the changes made, automatically.

Optimizing existing transport visibility system (TVS)

The client’s existing TVS frequently encountered hard to detect and resolve application errors.

The bots regularly analyze all the available files in the TVS application, identify recent failures, discover the reason for failure, and notify the relevant teams via email to act immediately.

Automating Shipment Remedy Ticket Creation

The client’s existing system created ticket and emailed to relevant teams whenever any customer faced shipment related issues. The team member would have to manually input the information and create a ticket in the existing remedy application.

Our automated solution streamlined the creation process of remedy-based ticket. This automated workflow ensured zero lapses in customer servicing, faster issue resolution, thus improving customer satisfaction rates.


The feature packed SCM automation solution powered by advanced RPA technology helped the client in reducing wastage of time and resources. At the same time, there was a significant increase in employee productivity, customer satisfaction and process efficiency.

  • 30% increase in operational productivity within the first 6-months
  • 2x increase in efficiency, reduction in operational cost, and enhanced customer experience
  • Minimisation of errors due to manual entries which improved operational workflows
  • Time-based allowance calculation


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