Data Warehouse And Consolidation For Multiple ERP Setup

Data Warehouse And Consolidation For Multiple ERP Setup

The Introduction:

Our client is one of the leading marketing companies having five different branches across the nation. The organization has 25000+ employees, all that work together to attain the end goal of the business. Working at various levels, the organization has exposure to tons of data. The existing infrastructure entails a siloed environment and calls for digitization.


The fact that the organization relies on a range of departments and software to execute all operations, each generates billions of data every day. Collecting all of these data together and then putting tools to analyze trends is imperative. Also, the need to identify the target market and also prospects is important to map the rising needs of the customer.

Given the givens, the existing ecosystem lagged behind all of the above considerations. Also, because the processes incubated manual processing of data and then gathering information, it was prone to errors. The organization wasn’t able to meet the demands and failed to stand up to the expectations of both the industry and the user.

“Reaching out to Stridely Solutions was like putting an end to our age-old issues of data warehouse consolidation. Starting with analyzing the warehouse, defining the requirements, adopting significant processes in the development stages and further, validating all that was implemented, the company stood along with us across all phases of the project life cycle. True that the solution incorporated complexities and also required a great deal of efforts, experts at Stridely Solutions did all to map the needs.”

The Solution

When the client connected with us, we went through the problems and then turned up with a proposed solution. At first, the client seemed to not work upon the suggested means but our experts were able to satisfy them about the potential of the solution and convinced to make the move.

Our solution consisted of data warehouse consolidation using the power BI platform. As so it appeared, leveraging on the data produced by all applications, functional across the enterprise was the need of the hour. To put it this way, the solution comprises of two stages:

  • First, there was the need to integrate data from across all platforms.
  • Second, was the incorporation of power BI platforms. This enabled the creation of a data warehouse that would gather data and then use, this data to generate specific insights. The power BI reporting tools were to be used to assess and analyze the data present in the warehouse.
  • Data Security with the help of Row Level Security in Power BI was also incorporated.

Tools used: Power BI, SAP BW, MS CRM, Qlik, Web Focus​

Businesses today tend to be driven by customers and much of this is the result of data. Information gathered from across all departments helps take a better and sound decision. However, the data that is present is in the raw form and largely, clumsy.

In order to unleash the potential of data, it is important that the data is filtered and then studied to come up with insights that could drive decisions. To deal with this rather than provide a solution, we proposed the client to integrate the Power BI platform.

Gather Data

The power BI platform held the ability to club together all of the data from distant sources were in the cloud or on-premises.

Analyze Data

The platform has several tools that enable marketers or the leaders to keep track of the data, generate reports and then paint graphs to visualize data. Additionally, the platform included methods from data mining, analyze that data flow of the client and further integrate the same to the SQL warehouse.

Generate Reports

Now, the data that has been segmented and stored in the warehouses are then used to assess and analyze the trends. These included all sorts of reports starting with Contract & Service Detail, Financial Reports & Forecast, Sales & Backlog Reports.


Finally, the reports that are generated are studied. Analyst cam scans through the reports and comes up with information in real-time.

It is seen that nearly 74% of the organizations claim to be dependent on data yet only 29% have succeeded in implementing the same. Power BI tools hold the ability to identify the metric that is helpful to the business and drill down the same to shed information on what’s better for the organization and when.


Power BI for data warehouse consolidation has proven to turn the tables for the client.

Trending and budget information in a few seconds​

Tools and technologies used to study data predict information that is vital considering the business point of view. No longer does the client need to rely on guesswork instead have verified data in hand and use it to make better decisions.

Self-service dashboard​

Power BI accelerates the pace at which marketers segment data and then craft real-time dashboards based on the data. Such dashboards have all of the information needed for analysis and have the best in class visualization which is further shared with the stakeholders. Microsoft keeps a check on the suite and updates it frequently. The dashboard is both self intuitive and easy to use, incorporating features and functionalities for reporting and analysis.

Predictive analytics​

Power BI as the name suggests includes business intelligence tools that have the ability to find the best. What we mean to say is that these tools can identify vital metrics and study data patterns to reveal significant insight. Leaders or marketers can then use this information to make better and smarter decisions while predicting the future line of action.

Saves cost and time

Embedding total automation for all of the processes, right from gathering data to mining it, the power BI platform helps reduce the overall cost of the operation and in the same instance, optimizes the time taken to build and generate reports.

Ubiquitous Accessibility

Because data is consolidated and stored on the cloud, it turns accessible to all of the employees across all levels of the organization. Power BI readers user-generated and agile data analysis solutions layered with self-service BI solutions that are managed over the cloud. It has a proven track record of 99.9% uptime and is also accessible as an on-premise option.

  • Anywhere accessible with 99.99% availability
  • Improved decision making
  • Data visualization for enhanced reporting and analysis
  • Trending and budget information in few seconds
  • Row level security
  • Predictive analytics


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