Deploying Integrated Human Capital Management Solution At A Leading Electronics Company

Deploying Integrated Human Capital Management Solution At A Leading Electronics Company

The Introduction:

The client is a large-scale manufacturer and supplier of electronic microchips. Having specialization in manufacturing of integrated circuits, transistors and diodes, the client caters to the growing demand for high-performance electrical ICs for consumer and industrial electronic products.

Managing a global business dispersed over 14 locations with 1600+ employees was becoming hard for the client day by day. The client wanted an efficient and integrated human resource management solution that could simplify everyday HR operations and improve employee engagement.

The Problem Statement

The client was using an obsolete legacy payroll system that was not suitable for meeting the HRM needs of a dynamic organization. Having minimal flexibility in handling complex HR-related tasks, the current solution presented the following challenges:

  • Error-laden leave and attendance management system with redundancy problems
  • Lack of an efficient system to track employees across multiple shifts
  • Paper-based appraisal process prone to bias owing to manual calculation
  • Lack of an automated reporting system for the top management to oversee HR operations
  • Wastage of time and efforts in administrative tasks like payroll and HRM which could have been automated to leave more room for strategic planning and employee engagement initiatives

The Solution

A careful and tactical analysis of the current business processes and HRM initiatives allowed Stridely Team to come up with an integrated HCM suite.

Stridely deployed a powerful HCM solutions for automating mundane HR related tasks and bring efficiency to the HR operations. The solution deployed had the following dedicated modules for improved operations:

Core HR

The integrated HR solution brought all available employee information at a single place to streamline processes, promote collaboration and boost employee engagement. Using the core HR module, HR professionals were able to keep a real-time track of all employee information including personal details, employment history, benefits, past performance and more.

Time and Attendance Management

The attendance, time and leave management system was completely automated owing to the advanced HCM solution. HR department saved hours of efforts due to the automated solution that recorded daily attendance, hours worked and logged employees without manual intervention. Moreover, the leave management system was also digitized which left HR staff with more time to deal with core HR issues.

The solution also supports integration with automated time clock to streamline the attendance management in real-time.

Payroll Management

A powerful and flexible payroll management system was deployed to handle complex payroll computations in a few simple steps. This saved hours of work on the part of HR staff and streamlined the entire payroll calculation process.

Performance & Appraisal Management

The manual appraisal process was digitized with a robust performance management system that helped in accessing employee performance by gathering feedback in real-time. This helped in year-end/quarter-end appraisals without the need for manual intervention.

Reimbursement Management

Allow employees submit their claims electronically. Submit claims quickly, conveniently and easily. Process reimbursement requests instantly. Keep a track of reimbursed amount employee-wise, month wise etc. Track total amount spent in reimbursement and plan better strategies for employees.


As a result of deployment, the client was able to improve its employee management and HR endeavors. The integrated HCM platform brought every essential module on a single platform to speed up common tasks. Also, routine processes were automated leading to availability of real-time reports on existing employee attendance data.

  • Automated time evaluation and performance management
  • Real-time data availability and reporting
  • Automated attendance processing
  • Time-based allowance calculation
  • Automated demerit points calculation for insightful and faster performance appraisal
  • Hassel free reimbursement.


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