Enhanced Organization’s sales cycles implementing CPQ in Salesforce

Enhanced Organization’s sales cycles implementing CPQ in Salesforce

The Introduction:

A SaaS company with its products uses across multiple business verticals and in different industries, our client has a global presence. Fifteen offices in two countries with 1200+ employees, they work day and night to serve their customers. They work in collaboration with top companies and are planning to add more products in an attempt to expand their offerings.


Even though the company deals in software solutions, and offers products, the price of the same varies from client to client and requirement to requirement. What this means is that there’s no one-size-fits-all price for the products. The services differ and so do the billings. All of this turns the backend configuration complex and difficult to manage.

Or to put it this way, there lie numerous challenges when it comes to quoting a price to the customers. The major challenges comprise:

Unending Sales Rep Efforts

The existing sales process mandated the need to manually configure prices, compare and requote them in order to convert customers. Such extent of manual work is both tiring and time-consuming.

Ineffective Pricing and Quoting

As states above, the quoting system of the company is extremely fussy and also resource-intensive. In addition to the above, it lacks flexibility which altogether slows down the sales cycle. Meeting deadlines and serving customers become a challenge, one that is hard to overcome.

Not to forget that the tools are outdated, limited in scalability which only adds to the inefficiency of the entire system.

“Innovation and excellence, the two terms that best define the company. Stridely Solutions has helped us transform our CRM services without having the need to meddle in the existing offerings. Their team is highly professional and the on-time deliverables make them an exceptional company to team up with. Even though this was our first engagement, it for sure isn’t the last.”

The Solution

Of all the challenges, one that was most important to cover was to limit manual processes. The best solution here is to implement CPQ in Salesforce.

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, and Quote. As an extension to the existing CRM system, CPQ makes the entire sale process smarter and wiser. The tool is designed in a way that extracts/pulls all of the data from the conventional storage spreadsheets and moves it to the automated cycle in CPQ. Adding products, integrating data, and adjusting discounts, the tool generates quotes without any hassle.

Stridely Solution recommended the same for their business in the pursuit of improving their sales cycle.

Case Details

The client was out of clue and not sure how to improve their quoting process. They reached out to us at Stridely Solutions. Our team has had the experience of working on a similar project before for an e-commerce company. As and when the client shared their problems, our consultation team was sure that the best solution was implementing CPQ. Without wasting time, they shared the previous project, educating them on how CPQ will automate the sales funnel, reducing errors, and improving productivity.

The client thought for a moment and agreed to the same. Our team was enthusiastic and started working on the project. Before integrating the tool, they conducted an in-depth assessment of the existing infrastructure to outline the issues and the bottlenecks that might hinder the implementation process.

The core objective of the entire project was to:

  • Migrate all of the traditional tools that are part of the organization to the CPQ. This was a challenging task but experts at Stridely Solution were diligent enough to execute the process smoothly. We were successful in centralizing all of the sales and financial records
  • The next thing to do was to configure first and then validate pricing for the different tools. It was important to set the system in a way that it can adapt to the needs and render the best price automatically
  • – Finally, there was the need to simplify, streamline, and then enhance the end to end customer experience. The entire system had to be tested and modified so that it can work in all conditions and to the best of the capabilities


Talking about the benefits, CPQ has a lot to offer. And this is meant for the sales team and the organization as a whole.

  • Offer end to end visibility and unprecedented control on the sales cycle. Often, it so happens that sales representatives send out proposals for products that are no longer in use or are out of operation. With a CPQ, they can be sure of what they provide and to whom
  • Since all of the data is stored in an organized and particular format, CPQ helps eliminate siloes from the infrastructure. This makes tracking, analyzing, and assessing data easier
  • Tehnology support to launch new models
  • Allow both the backend and the front-end to collaborate and work together. This prevents discrepancies in data and the system
  • Streamline end-to-end sales processes and automate most of them. This speeds up the sales cycle, accounting for faster approvals and better closures

Key Statistics

CPQ offers tremendous benefits in terms of sales and customer support. From reducing the sales cycle to improving customer experience, and enhancing productivity, it is all an organization needs to improve its business operations and scale revenues.

  • 60% larger than the average order size
  • 17% more conversion rate using CPQ software
  • 26% more sales reps succeed in meeting their demands and achieve their quota
  • Quote revisions were reduced by 13%

Future Prospects

CPQ is an excellent solution and a must for organizations that have a manual sales cycle. While this has been successful in improving productivity by a decent amount, there still lies room for improvement. The integration of smart tech such as AI in these tools can further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the same.


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