EnterpriseOne & Oracle Cloud Procurement Integration Helped our Client Company Improve their Supply Chain Processes Notably

EnterpriseOne & Oracle Cloud Procurement Integration Helped our Client Company Improve their Supply Chain Processes Notably

The Introduction:

Stridely Solutions has been the first choice of many industry leaders. This time, one of the key market players in the construction industry took on board us. With its attention on quality service delivery, our client managed to build a huge customer base and enjoys a better market penetration. However, the client started facing hurdles maintaining higher margins and maintaining finances while fulfilling its vision of global expansion.


The global expansion vision ought the introduction of automation at various fronts and necessitated building continual and potent communication between the supplier and the team.  

The time devoured in the manual administration work and tracking the supplier transactions was causing operational limitations at considerable fronts. The obsolete spreadsheet-based transaction record-keeping was too tedious. 

The client has problems in enhancing the spend compliances and keeping the overheads under control as the existing expense management process was not properly optimized with the projected goals.

The Solution

While all these challenges were meant to be, we never let them slow down our client and cause delays in goal fulfillment. With a team of skilled ERP experts, Stridely Solutions has helped many market leaders to overcome hurdles and aim higher. The team delve deeper and figure out the root cause of the issue before suggesting any solution. As the solutions are need-based, our clients will achieve expected results in coming times.

This time, the task of integrating EnterpriseOne and Oracle Cloud Procurement was handed over to us. We took the charge and moved ahead by following a diligent strategy that focused on: 

  • Incorporating automation in every aspect of procurement 
  • Leveraging the advanced AI and ML of Oracle Cloud Procurement to maintain the suppliers’ profiles accurately.  
  • Reducing the procurement risks by keeping a real-time track on the entire supplying lifecycle 
  • Creating nimble and futuristic alerts and notification ecosystem to inform any unforeseen risks and operational failures.

Benefits Enjoyed By Client

The successful integration of EnterpriseOne with Oracle Cloud paid well to the client and contrived expected results at multiple domains. Some of the key benefits that the client enjoyed soon after the integration are: 

  • Real-time management and tracking of inventory, orders, purchasing orders, projected deliveries, and requisition status. 
  • Centralized and automated handling of contracts, projects, invoices, and procure-to-pay transactions.
  • Automation introduction in key operations like transaction processing, purchase order creation, informing clients, tracking deliveries, and inventory status.
  • Detailed and real-world insights were gained that improved decision quality. The automated reporting and analysis helped key personals to make data-driven decisions. 
  • Instant and impactful reduction in procurement spending allowed the client to enjoy better ROI. 
  • Improved data visibility and seamless supplier, inventory item registration, and quick data access boosted our client’s market reputation. 

Case Details

Oracle Cloud Procurement is a high-end tool designed to endow end-users with facilities like direct and indirect sourcing details, supplier management, purchasing tracking, inventory control, and leverage payment processing.  

By integrating this resource with EnterpriseOne, one can gain unmatched control over resource procurement and order traceability while aligning the resource requirements with the project requirements.  

The purchase order tracking and management become fully automated. Enterprises are endowed with better hold over predicting delivery schedules, tracking cost and expenses, and ensuring adequate account distribution. 

Bringing these two tools under one roof will assist one to have timely and real-time updates on the purchase order. Also, purchase order filtering, fetching, and feeding will become an error-free, swift, and effortless task.

Combining EnterpriseOne and Oracle Cloud Procurement means bringing two powerful operational tools together that requires a strategic approach.

For effectively processing, our team ensured that: 

  • Oracle Cloud Procurement is configured correctly 
  • There is a robust communication channel established between EnterpriseOne and Oracle Cloud Procurement.
  • All the integration end-points are linked together well and adequate filters are configured based on offered EnterpriseOne keys. 

Once all these aspects were in place, our team moved ahead. Oracle Cloud Procurement is a highly diverse resource and has a lot to offer, provided one knows how to make most of it. 

Our ERP team understood the current challenges of the client and deployed some of the highly acclaimed functions and features of Oracle Cloud Procurement. 

The client lacked the unified and multi-dimensional e-communication that is needed for global expansion. Using the Oracle Business Network feature of the tool, we streamlined and automated electronic transactions. 

Additionally, each transaction was able to provide real-time visibility into status, exceptions, and errors. The feature also enabled the trading partners of the clients to exchange key documents in the preferred format. To bring uniformity in the purchasing and payment processing, the Oracle Payables module was activated. The resource allowed the client to eliminate unwanted steps from the purchasing process while automating the entire purchase order creation process.

 Going forward, the entire merger of EnterpriseOne and Oracle Cloud Procurement involved: 

  • Developing a unified and central dashboard for having a comprehensive overview of information stored at these two different systems
  • Multicurrency support was added to empower the existing payment system 
  • A one-click login process was generated for both the platform 
  • Access control was designed for better data safety and maintaining its integrating 
  • A separate dashboard for suppliers was created that provided detailed information on inventory, purchase orders, and payment processing. 
  • Developing a user-friendly shopping interface for the employees from where they are allowed to make intuitive searches, search the needed inventory item quickly, and can negotiate the price.

Key Statistics

  • Operational transparency improved by 80%  
  • Automation penetration increased by 30% 
  • Data decision ability improved by 50% 
  • Errors and operational delays trimmed down by 45%

Future Prospects

The vision of global expansion demanded better team collaboration and a robust supplier network. Contract management needed to be more timed and precise Handful integration is required for organizational goal fulfillment. We kept an eye on version updates and data migration as well. All these operational aspects will be taken care of as per the need of the hour.


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