How Stridely Helped Boosting business for a Pioneer in Paint industry through Augmented Reality?

How Stridely Helped Boosting business for a Pioneer in Paint industry through Augmented Reality?

The Introduction:

Our client is one of the leading service providers in the chemical paint industry based out of California, US. They offer end to end painting solutions to customers countrywide. They have their offices across multiple cities. Bogged by the need to level up their services and attract user attention, they now plan to deploy a mobile app with all the cutting-edge technologies necessary to sever their customers.


The client wanted to design and build an AR mobile application for the customers. It would be kind of a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) AR paint mobile application. Leveraging the same, the customers could virtually decide which color would be best for their bedroom or the living area, kitchen, etc.

To achieve the same, it was important that the solution was not just simple and/or intuitive, but at the same time responsive. Also, it was important that users can navigate through the app without any hassle. As easy as it may seem, combining all of the pieces was a tough task.

The main issue was, most of the buyers are sellers in shops, or at times, these sellers will need to give demonstration to their customers or prospects. These users are not very well-versed to technologies.

In addition to the above, there was a need for the CAPSURE hardware device integration. Also, the app must offer a unified user experience with all of the must-have augmented reality functions. There are a few other challenges and all of this made the company hesitant on the next move.

“We have been working with Stridely solutions for more than a year now on an ad-hoc basis and the solutions that they come up with are phenomenal. We have established a good relationship and they have never failed to amaze us. The extent of knowledge and the level of expertise the staff poses is beyond expectations. We look forward to similar engagements in the future.”

The Solution

Understanding the concept and learning about the challenges, the client it would be best to seek expert support. This is when they reached out to us at Stridely Solutions.

To deliver an AR mobile app for the chemical paint industry, our team took the responsibility to design, develop, test, and deploy the same both for Android and iPhone devices. The primary aim was to build a tech-driven mobile app with the ability to virtually process images.

From selecting colors to building an array of combinations and designing textures by adding multiple colors, and offering access to thousands of paint options, the app would facilitate all. Not to forget that the solution would have a CAPSURE hardware device integrated to identify colors using Bluetooth technology. Also, the AR-led mobile app facilitates the projection of the color chosen on the selected wall.

Case Details

As soon as the company reached out to us, we had our consultation team study the situation and come up with relevant solutions. To begin with, the client wanted to have an app that would streamline the process of ordering colors and meanwhile improve the satisfaction rate. Meaning that there was a need for a solution that would project colors in real-time, making it easier for the customers to make the decision.

Our team prepared a proposal and shared the same with the client. Upon approval from them, we then started working on the design phase. A prototype was made and this was then shared. Based on the feedback received, the model was modified and made better.

As soon as the client gave a head-on for the prototype, our development team took the responsibility, to begin with, the app development process. Augmented reality functions were added as the core feature of the app and each of these was tested in real-time, ensuring that they were as expected.

Besides unit testing, the app was thoroughly tested again and in real-time. Also, we shared the app with the client. A few changes were suggested from their end. Based on the same, our team modified the app interface and functionality.

Once we all were on the same page, the next thing to do was deploy the app. Our team worked meticulously to leave no stone untouched and have the best of the app. We also offer post-deployment solutions to the company to make sure the app runs without any hassle.


The augmented reality app for the chemical paint industry is extremely useful as it allows end-users to first test, try, and then select a particular color for their house. This tends to increase customer satisfaction, proving beneficial for them all.

  • Streamlines the color preferring process
  • Easy and quick discovery of colors
  • Compatible with all types of mobile
  • Greater brand visibility by sharing color combinations on social media
  • Enhanced user satisfaction and improved operational efficiency

Key Statistics

With the world moving towards the work from home culture, people now seek flexibility in business offerings. This is forced organizations to level up their approach and look for alternatives to in-store service. Abiding by the above, enterprises in the chemical paint industry recently adopted advanced tech within their line of business operations. Leveraging Augmented Reality, mobile apps could now offer ease allowing customers to try before you buy. This has caused a tremendous revolution in the paint industry, resulting in:

  • increased inquiries and qualified leads by 20%
  • enhanced sales teams’ productivity by 25%
  • 30% reduction in direct marketing expenses
  • improved customer satisfaction and engagement through positive feedback

Future Prospects

With that being said and done, the future of the chemical paint industry seems promising. Not just because of the fact that they have now gone online but also that they are keeping customers first and this would be the game-changer. For now, we have a virtual image of the colors. In the future, we expect mobile apps to have real-time agents guiding customers on which color to choose or which combination to set. Even though there’s a long time before any of this happens, yet it will happen and change the course of business dramatically.


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