Migrating EnterpriseOne from On-Premise to the Cloud – Easy & Sure-shot Way for Overall Betterment

Migrating EnterpriseOne from On-Premise to the Cloud - Easy & Sure-shot Way for Overall Betterment

The Introduction:

Like always, Stridely Solutions was hand-picked by a leading infrastructure company. The client is the flag-bearer of technology & innovation in the respective industry and has delivered many commercial and residential projects. They contrived to accomplish organizational goals with the latest tools and staunch commitment. However, they felt restrictive productivity and resource utilization with the existing on-premise ERP solution. Hence, they hired Stridely Solution for swift, safe, and smooth migration to the cloud.


As our client grows by leaps and bounds, more complex projects requiring better resource accessibility and team connectivity were demanded. Though the client was using one of the best ERP tools in the market, EnterpriseOne, the on-premise deployment was limiting the tool’s utility. 

The client has a huge network of suppliers, investors, and traders. Maintaining a communication bridge that can support quick and safe data exchange, real-time performance tracking, and accurate data analysis was a huge challenge with on-premise tools.

Here is why: 

  • On-premise solutions have limited mobility and forced our clients to remain functional from the single point of contact. 
  • The data remained locked in the system and was not easily accessible to other team members who are off-site. As a huge section of the team remained operational offshore, many of the key decisions were not data-driven and accurate. 
  • Updating the current version used to be a tedious task with ample downtime. Whenever clients updated to the newer version, the entire workforce used to halt for a while. 
  • With time, the client needed more integration and customizations. Doing so was not an easy job with the on-premise tool.

All these factors were causing direct and indirect hurdles for our prestigious clients and were holding them back. As cloud adoption is the need of the hour and the best possible way to improve resource utilization and productivity, our client thought to make a move in this direction. 

However, migrating to the cloud with such a huge database was not a cakewalk and necessitated high-end expertise. This is why Stridely Solutions was called out for help.

The Solution

Stridely Solutions has unmatched excellence in performing on-premise to cloud migration in the best manner. Cloud migrations of all the leading ERP, HR, Payroll or any other key tools can be done with 100% perfection, data safety, compliance adherence, and customization with the help of Stridely Solutions.

When the client laid its faith in us, we had to be nothing but the best help for it. Our major challenge was migrating all the contacts, project details, employee records, and other records without misplacing or losing an inch of them.

A diligent and viable cloud migration strategy was formed where we focused on: 

  • Keeping data safe during the process 
  • Perform the digital transformation in record time so that our client face the least possible operational disruptions 
  • Make the cloud ecosystem safe enough to remain protected from key cyber world threats 
  • Maintain the data integrity throughout the process and implement data access criteria

The Positive Outcomes

The hard work done and efforts invested by Stridely Solutions paid off well to our client. We are glad to announce that our client managed to: 

  • Have a centralized data and information exchange platform that is location independent. Each of its employee and key-note personnel were able to access required data from a remote location. 
  • Attain maximum resource utilization as each of the hired tools or applications was uploaded to the cloud.
  • Maintain constant communication. The off-site team was able to communicate and exchange information with the on-site team quickly and easily. 
  • Take concise decisions. Each decision was data-driven and based on detailed yet quick data analysis. 
  •  Save huge operational costs as there was no hardware installed on the site. 

Case Details

Moving a huge ecosystem, which our client-owned, to the cloud wasn’t an easy job as we have to avoid data duplication, mitigate network latency, and cope-up with the operational complexity. Yet, we overcome all these challenges effortlessly and complete the cloud migration process successfully. 

We constructed a diligent migration plan, keeping the key needs at the pivot, and decided the cloud deployment type. As our client has a huge operational network, we created a community cloud for the team wherein key professionals and team players from different domains can exchange information with utmost ease and security. 

Also, we used EnterpriseOne as a SaaS solution. Using this cloud deployment model, we enabled our client to own an efficient cloud ecosystem, where adding need-based tools and solutions is easy.

Using EnterpriseOne as a SaaS tool also helped the client to experience top-notch security, huge cost saving on servers and OS, and better resource administration. 

To make the process smooth from beginning to end, we define the KPIs. Our focus was on factors like user experience, app performance, and infrastructure parameters.

By following the migration strategy thoroughly, we managed to endow our client with a facility like instant relief from restricted operations, powerful firewalls, optimal capacity, and a unified experience. 

We never lost our focus on data security and maintaining data integrity. We also carried out a much-needed data audit and allowed our client to have a crisp and useful database that can be used to accelerate business growth. 

Here is what we did all through the cloud migration journey:

  • Created a beginner-friendly web-based interface that works superbly on all the leading devices and platforms. 
  • Activation of feature-rich BI module that presented the key contextual information to each end-user in an informative manner. 
  • Developed mobile-friendly apps for iOS and Android platforms. 
  • Integrated cloud-based EnterpriseOne with key communication channels like office PBXs, call centers, and VoIP used by a client.

Key Statistics

  • Resources utilization increased from 55% to 80%
  • The team’s productivity improved by 15% 
  • Decision-making ability increased by 20% 
  • Operational cost reduced by 30% 

Future Prospects

The on-premise to cloud migration solved tons of operational issues for the client. However, there is a lot of work to do in the field or third-party integration and RPA to take productivity to the next level.


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