Mobile Enterprise Application: Empowering Sales

Mobile Enterprise Application: Empowering Sales

The Introduction:

Being one of the largest independent manufacturer and supplier, our client has its name in the top manufacturing industries. They have always aimed to be best and keen to streamline the user experience by remapping their Salesforce with the ongoing technological trends. Keeping customers first is their motto and no doubt, they have always stood up to what they say.

Key Stats

Owing to the rising trend of mobility and the need to optimize the workforce, mobile app development has turned from a fanciful option to an important necessity. Today, almost every industry aims to add flexibility to their work culture and further mobilize their day to day tasks.

The Problem Statement

There was a tremendous advancement in technology, and this has opinionated the need of modifications across all business radicals. Being one of the successful manufacturing industries, they also saw the need to manifest certain technological models so as to map the user’s demand and likewise generate greater sales. The existing workforce is a bit time-consuming.

Customer visit is all about a sales representative physically visiting the site and updating the customers on relevant information. Now, to err is to human. Memorizing all that a piece of equipment does is not easy. And there is not just one. Customer reps need to have all the data in hand to flow the same to potential customers. But due to lack of proper and sorted data, field Salesforce fails to attract customers, reducing the efficiency and likewise sales.

Generating prospects and then turning them to potential users is one of the most crucial drawbacks in the current sales workforce. Customer representatives fail to provide accurate information which further leads to losing customer trust and you never hear from them again.

Additionally, customer representatives across regional teams have the burden to stay ahead in the competition. In the face of the digital world, customers already have scanned through the product and have significant knowledge about the product. Considering the above, customer representatives need to be aware of all such technological enhancements and stay at par to counter consumer queries, which the current system lacks, at large.

Our Solution

Taking into consideration the given challenges as faced by enterprise sales, we proposed a solution to them. Integrating a web application for enterprise sales would mobilize the entire Salesforce. Customer representatives would then have access to a piece of unified information from anywhere across the world. Using an application, customer representatives can feed in customer data and segregate them in terms of their category. The online application further aids real-time reports and effective performances by the representatives leading to leveraged productivity.

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The Results

Mobilizing the workforce, no doubt benefits both the organization and the end-user. It leads to higher customer engagement, streamlining the needs and therefore leveraging the overall efficiency. Using enterprise application for sales account to

  • Extra 240 hours every year
  • Scalable Tools that helps reduce 68% of the manual work by employees.
  • Increased customer engagement leads to a 27% hike in overall performance.
  • Mobilized firms outperform the traditional ones by 202%.
  • Presence of Sales Representative improved by 15%.

Detailed Evaluation

Where the traditional system necessitated sales reps to enter data manually, the enhanced enterprise application takes over the pitfalls and provides an organized form of tracking customers. Such an automated entry would reduce the work by the reps, affirm all data are legit leaving no room for error. Additionally, digital entry of data enables the representatives to focus on driving sales and closing deals rather than being worried about generating their forecasts.

The data fed is ordered, organized and accurate. This further promotes the generation of Sales reports in real-time to the managers or the senior head. Automated data has transparency, So your managers know exactly all that has been shared to and from the customers. Entering and storing data in the digitized database enables ubiquitous access to the same irrespective of the time and place. Whether the sales representatives or the managers, all can generate customer wise report in a single stance using the application. The enterprise application for sales also helps in generating weekly reports or emails to the immediate supervisor keeping them abreast with the existing events.

The application also has the feature of customized notifications to potential prospects leveraging the conversion rate. When representatives outreach customers in the form of personalized messages or notifications or the follow-up reminders, it forces them to rethink on their idea of investment. This has proven to increase sales volume by around 7%. Given the face of rising competition, every digit is worth giving a try.

Added to the above is the data in hand with the customer representatives. When they are on a customer visit, every query solved and every initiative taken, could either be good or bad. With the integration of sales application, representatives are more active owing to the pool of resources they have in a way boosting the sales field presence by 7%. All of this leads to optimized performance and better sales.

Future Prospects

No doubt the proposed solution excels in tracking and delivering customer reports. Prioritize sales depending on the reports, target customers and benefit the industry by enhancing sales. However, technology never dies out and so do its application.

Even with the developed solution, there is a lot more to be added and improvised. Integrating AI and ML-driven solutions would promote intelligent decisions. Such a system would be capable of learning from user behaviour and likewise, generating customized messages. Also, the notification would be segregated based on user preferences and additional choices. A more enhanced version would be employing bots as sales representatives. So, the next time if your sales rep is busy closing a deal, its counter partner could effectively outreach to new prospects and walk them through the entire field. Ok, this might sound a little crazy, but these days are soon to hit the world and once again, revolutionize the sales industry. Also, AI can Helps to maintain healthy relationship with customer by analysing customer data gathered by Sales Reps.


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