Power Platform Utilization for Business Process

Power Platform Utilization for Business Process

The Introduction:

Integrating solutions to gather, manage, and monitor data with the Power Platform increasing efficiency and productivity.

A leader of the chemical manufacturing industry, our client is a global exporter of chemicals and likewise products. Launched some 75 years ago, they have been growing beyond boundaries. They employ a massive workforce of 50+ employees, operating in 19 nations. Since its inception, they have managed to stay on the forefront, adopting tools and technologies to keep up with the industrial trends.


As stated above, our client prefers to remain at the forefront, integrating their business with tools and modern technologies. A recent survey conducted by their marketing team revealed a major problem. It is true that the company has cross border business operations and a wide reach.

Every day tons of data gets generated and stashed in the database. Some five years ago, the company has employed a solution that would help them manifest data and use it to generate reports. However, this way, years ago and since then, the company has grown in number as well as operations. Their existing solution is no longer useful.

For one, the infrastructure is utterly lengthy. Gathering and storing huge amounts of data means spending hours doing the mundane task. As everything was stored in the Excel sheet, analyzing them and manipulating each to be fed into the power BI dashboard was time-consuming and energy-draining.

Further, there were several platforms and diverse applications to carry out various activities. Employees were given access to all which at times rendered the platform ineffective. In short, the team was not able to cope up with the everyday errors and realized that they were spending half of their day fixing bugs and hence, communicated with the head to find a solution.

“Stridely Solutions has been a longstanding supporter. We have had collaborated with them earlier and the response given by them compelled us to reunite. As expected, nothing changed and the entire team was welcoming. They were very extremely diligent and professional. Right from the first day to the final closure, they kept us updated and informed on their progress. And never did they fail to surprise us with their work. We are no longer a client-customer but part of the same family.”

The Solution

The company was now convinced that its prevailing solution was irrelevant and ineffective. It was then that they sought to connect with us, their technologies support partner. Upon receiving a call, we scheduled a meeting with their team.

Several sessions followed by one to one meetings, our team spent weeks to understand the already existing architecture and the areas that were the cause of the flaw. It was pretty obvious that the client company required a robust yet smart solution. After several brainstorming sessions, we were finally convinced about the future course of action.

We sent a proposal highlighting the need to deploy a powerful platform such as Infobright Power Platform to deal with their data management and orchestration needs.

In Detail

Dealing with the issues of data management and monitoring, Stridely Solution came up with a solution. The company agreed with us on the idea of integrating the Infobright Power Platform. It is an enterprise database solution possessing columnar architecture, enabling businesses to put their available data to use, then perform logical operations on them and further, extract meaningful information from the same.

Our team at Stridely was vigilant and took all measures to ensure seamless integration of the solution. We empowered the client to store amounts of data efficiently, perform complex queries using complex language (M Query and Power Query) on available data, and streamline operations.

  • The first step involved normalizing the existing data and populating it for reuse. The ETL philosophy of extraction, transformation, and data loading existing sources to the new system was used. All of this lead to enhancement of the system performance
  • Significant alterations and modifications were done on the reports and dashboards to fine-tune them and make it ideal for solving performance issues
  • Customized parameters were put to use and employed by all within the company to make sure one cannot have duplicate copies of the same file. Customization was done in a way that parameters would change according to the user rights and login credentials.
  • We designed and developed CSS-based UI themes, fed them with exact user-mapping so as to promote the loading of themes on the basis of user login credentials.
  • In order to facilitate the tracking of instances on the solution deck, sub-admins were entitled to the job of audit trail functionality.
  • Incorporation of the reports of parameter mapping within the solution to allow users to integrate the mapping reports on the basis of significant specific parameters.
  • Deployment of the Bi-directional SQL replication system to account for report and dashboard servers.
  • We help cut down cost and time by reducing the dependency on other platforms.


The power platform being a smart business solution paved the way for an integrated infrastructure. There was a gradual increase in the productivity and performance of the organization. The fact that data now was stored automatically and then granulated to offer a holistic view of the entire business operations, the management could now take better and smarter decisions. Significant care was taken to assure minimal disturbance in customer service operations throughout the deployment process.

Key Statistics

A Siloed workforce with fragmented architecture tends to harm the efficiency of work. Data today is obscured and the only way to capitalize is by managing them and then analyzing to come up with insights. Even though our organization had a data management policy in place, results failed to map the efforts. However, things changed once we approached Stridely Solutions. The integrated power platform to deal with our organizational data management needs and here we are:

  • 99% accessibility of the platform from across the globe.
  • Possibility of system outage due to bugs and errors reduced to less than 2%.
  • A buffer of 30 seconds and sometimes less to generate reports.
  • Higher satisfaction rates due to incremental transition.


  • 1) Azure SQL Server
  • 2) Power Platform
  • 2(a)Power BI  2(b)Power App 2(c)Power Automate

Future Prospects

While the current solution is fascinating enough to remodel the data management capabilities, we expect further automation of the infrastructure in the upcoming times.




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