SAP B1 Implementation For Pharmaceutical And Healthcare Manufacturing Unit

SAP B1 Implementation For Pharmaceutical And Healthcare Manufacturing Unit

The Introduction:

The client is a global healthcare manufacturing company engaged in research, development, manufacturing and marketing of high-end healthcare and pharmaceutical products. Being multi-dimensional manufacturing concerned engaged in the development and marketing of products across a wide range of sub product categories including orthopaedics, prosthetics and pressure care products and services.

The company, with operations across multiple territories, was using disassociated solutions to manage inventory, manufacturing, purchase and warehouses, causing discrepancies and problems in seamless operations. To improve the efficiency of its operations, the company was looking for an integrated ERP solution.


The company had multiple offices, factories and warehouses around the globe without a central management system, making it hard for the management to keep an eye on operations, holistically. The major challenges associated with implementing an ERP solution included:

  • Use of non-connected systems for operations management without any streamlined process for communication and process optimization
  • Independent teams working without coordination leading to the overlapping of efforts and ambiguity in order management and processing as they moved through the sales process
  • Non-availability of a connected business intelligence system that could help management in making key decisions
  • Lack of existing integration processes and communication process despite operations in two different companies

Our Solution

In a bid to improve transparency and productivity across the enterprise, the client contacted Stridely Solutions. Team Stridely worked closely with different internal teams to analyze the existing business processes and recommended implementation of a dynamic and relevant ERP solution that can streamline processes and augment growth.

Team Stridely chose SAP Business One solution to implement across the enterprise for achieving growth, expansion and integration goals. Based on the custom needs and manufacturing processes, a tailored SAP Business One solution was designed and implemented to manage two different subsidiaries under a central system.

The decision to implement SAP Business One was taken keeping in mind the complex manufacturing processes of the organization. As Business One can be customized efficiently, can be quickly integrated into existing business processes, with minimal training required for the existing workforce.

Stridely Solutions integrated custom manufacturing tools and eCommerce tools to streamline processes and make the entire operations more efficient. Dedicated B1 apps such as B1 Back2Back, B1 360°, B1Targeter, B1 Distribution and B1 Production were designed to address unique concerns of the client.

Integration of SAP Business One solution in existing operations offered the following benefits to the client:

  • Streamlined operations and seamless communication due to a central system
  • Real-time alerts for automatically informing all the stakeholders about critical information via detailed reports at the right time
  • Comprehensive accounting, financial, purchasing, inventory and sales management for improved business operations
  • Strategic material requirements planning for better purchasing and production planning

Benefits/ Key Statistics

  • 3x faster reporting
  • 35% increase in order fulfilment rates
  • 25% higher field operations efficiency
  • 30% efficiency added to production planning with improved quality management
  • Greater visibility and control over procurement to tertiary sales
  • Effective employee engagement program and self service portal
  • Improved customer win ratio
  • Effective roll out of loyalty program and promotion management


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