Seamless Document Management For Paperless Operations In A Global Advertising Agency

Seamless Document Management For Paperless Operations In A Global Advertising Agency

The Introduction:

The company, a renowned digital advertising company looking to evolve into a global advertising agency, was looking to adopt a paperless strategy for the future. Owing to its paper-based workflows and overlapping departmental duties, many times, routine tasks slowed down, leading to a decrease in efficiency and productivity. Moreover, paper-based workflow reduced transparency and restricted easy access to stakeholders, making the company look for a modern solution to address common issues.


To transform the existing workflow from paper-based to digital required dealing with several independent and co-dependent processes efficiently. The main challenge was to handle client relationships, agreements, MoUs and contracts.

As the entire process was paper based, all the stakeholders, including the customers, business analysts, and creative teams had to punch in and access data through a lengthy paper trail. All the approvals were taken manually using forms, which were stored centrally, acquiring valuable floor space. At the same time, the manual process took hours, if not days to complete, sometimes hampering the strategies in a dynamic advertising environment.

With an increase in the number of customers, it was becoming increasingly hard to promote collaboration between departments owing to the requirement of physical copy for decision making. At the same time, the management also suffered from version control issues for documents leading to miscommunication and losses.

Our Solution

The company required a streamlined document management system and got in touch with Team Stridely to conceptualize and implement a seamless system that could digitize their document management efforts.

Keeping in mind the complex nature of processes, Team Stridely recommended and implemented Sharepoint document management system integrated with Adobe Sign Document cloud solution. The integrated solution allowed the client to manage and organize documents and at the same time promote collaboration on various documents among different stakeholders.

Stridely Solutions implemented SharePoint 2016 solution to empower clients to speed up the document review and approval process. Along with the same, Adobe Sign digital signature solution enabled clients to authenticate forms in real-time and offered a lot of other benefits. A robust SharePoint intranet portal was also set up to promote collaboration across the entire organization. Here are some of the benefits client received after implementation of SharePoint document management system:

Reliable Version Control

With the help of a central SharePoint intranet network, issues related to document versions were reduced drastically. Earlier, each document had to be cross-examined by several departments to ensure that a document is final before sharing it with outside parties.

A streamlined document management process reduced the chances of issues related to redundant document versions. The centralized SharePoint document management system with in-built version control capabilities offered complete transparency vis-à-vis document’s version.

Easier Inter-departmental Collaboration

Several departments have to collaborate on the same document in the dynamic business environment. With the help of a central SharePoint document management system, the process of collaboration and integrated workflow improved. Teams can now work simultaneously on the document and visualize changes in real-time.

SharePoint’s automated document management workflows allowed the employees to work efficiently on cross-departmental projects. The central digital database sped up the document review, editing and approval process and ensured that the right document was available at the right time to the concerned department.

Reduction in Wastage of Paper

Manual document management processes lead to a lot of wastage of natural resources like paper. Moreover, such practices are inefficient. Implementation of SharePoint document management system saved thousands of dollars annually for the company, increasing the efficiency and productivity of its operation.

Eliminating the need for printing massive documents had a positive impact on the bottom lines of the company. The environmental impact too was massive. As most of the printed documents were thrown away after a single use, the digital process minimized reduction and thus made the company eco-friendly and reduced operational costs.

Better Compliance Management

Modern organizations require consistently meeting international and national compliances to stay relevant and legal in their area of operations. Ensuring that all documents comply with storage, maintenance and classification rules is really time-consuming. It also leads to wastage of time for employees as they spend more time just managing compliances. Failing to comply with regulations can lead to increase in costs and even phenomenal financial damages.

SharePoint-based document management system allowed the company to keep proper records and keep all documents updated automatically in a stringent compliance environment with specific formatting and editing needs.

Results and ROI

The company was able to manage their documents in an efficient way after implementation of SharePoint based document management system. Not only the order process was streamlined, but there was also massive savings in operational costs due to non-requirement of paper and printing equipment. At the same time, employees were able to collaborate in a better way and get real-time updates about everything, digitally. This meant zero miscommunication issues due to redundant data and availability of valuable information to all stakeholders, without fail.

Key Stats

  • Implementation of a reliable and cost-effective intranet platform for the entire organization
  • User-friendly and efficient document search experience across departments
  • Quick rendering and version updates without miscommunications.
  • 30% savings in document management and storage
  • 33% reduction in operational budget
  • ROI achieved in less than 3 months.


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