SAP MDG Implementation – Stridely sets another milestone with record time delivery

SAP MDG Implementation – Stridely sets another milestone with record time delivery

Stridely Solutions attained another benchmark in SAP MDG Implementation with the timely completion of its recent project for a client in the water treatment equipment manufacturing and chemical industry, operating in the USA. The CRM team and integration experts at Stridely collaborated with SAP specialists due to its wide scope.

SAP MDG (Master Data Governance) is a comprehensive data management solution that is known for its state-of-the-art technology and specialized master data governance for enterprises. It allows the enterprises to craft, edit, merge and collaborate on master data throughout the organization for amazing internal data mobility. So, our client wanted to deploy it for multiple domain-specific purposes.

After a thorough discussion on the scope and purpose of SAP MDG implementation, we detailed to the client how and what all the SAP team will do. Thereafter, we explained the role of our CRM and integration teams. But during the negotiations on the timeline and budget part, the client told us about their urgency to complete the task in a shorter duration than we had proposed.

Pondering over the overall project strategy as per the new timeline, our professionals tweaked the schedule. In the end, the deal was finalized after a series of Stridely cross-team meetings.

The finally-delivered system by Stridely is efficient at streamlining the data of CRM, ERP and other integrated systems across the whole enterprise. Data authentication for business logic as well as infrastructure can be done by integrating, deploying, and/or reusing this MDG Implementation for the needed parts of your enterprise landscape.

As the client belongs to the water treatment equipment manufacturing and chemical sector, precision was their utmost priority. So, our SAP team enabled them to use pre-built user interfaces and workflows on the verified data model.

“With years of experience in implementing SAP MDG, the SAP team of Stridely was assured about our ability to do the overall task. However, there was a tight timeline to adhere to. As this concern was told to us at the beginning of time, our team could schedule it well and execute the plan faster. The client is also happy with the outcomes.” ,said the team lead for this project.

Using the SAP MDG at our USA-based client’s end, their teams have now gained a single and reliable data view to address Enterprise Information Management and MDM challenges. It has reduced hassles for these professionals on multiple fronts. Also, this arrangement is expected to reduce the manual management efforts for the enterprise while minimizing the TCO (total cost of ownership) for the client.

To wind up the project (for the time being), we organized a training session for the chosen team members (by the client). The client enterprise was fully-satisfied with the delivered project, and also about the fact that we kept the promise regarding the timeline. “We needed a centralized master data governance solution to collect, retrieve, authenticate and maintain our enterprise data and SAP MDG looked right for this. Stridely did a great job and its professionals are very promising – be it their skills, quality of services or timeliness”, said the Stridely client.


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