Stridely Leaders added to Vadodara Power Apps and Power Automate User Group

Stridely Leaders take immense pride in announcing its addition to the Vadodara Power Apps and Power Automate User Group. Among the line of developments witnessed by Stridely Solutions, the addition of the organization to the Vadodara Power Apps and Power Automate User Group happens to be the most invigorating one.

Power Apps User Groups are communities formed to promote and foster face to face and in-person meetings with members of the group. The sole purpose behind the formation of such a group is to facilitate knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer collaboration.

Stridely Solutions can now use this local user group to connect, meet and further network with other significant members and the professionals that are part of the network and apparently, stay and work in locations, adjacent to theirs. Whether in-person or through virtual interactions, the local user group promotes meetings in a particular area.

The interface of the platform showcases a calendar. Professionals can keep track of the calendar and use the same to register and discover upcoming interactions and local meetings.

In case, the calendar isn’t showing anything, professionals can revisit sometime later to check for recent additions. Also, the platform is open to discussions and questions. The forum’s leaders are always up and active, working on answering queries and conducting sessions or live meetings.

Being part of such events, the attendees, as well as the leaders, can share knowledge, best practices, and real-world success stories, gauging the merits of the meetings.

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