Stridely Solution bags the top place in Clutch as well in the Manifest Lists

Stridely Solution bags the top place in Clutch as well in the Manifest Lists

With great pleasure and pride, Stridely Solutions announces that it has been featured in the list of Top SAP Consultants Globally on Clutch in 2021 and Top 20 ERP Consultants in Ahmedabad on Manifest. In both the lists, it is the top place bearer. Finding the right kind of ERP and SAP consulting company is a tough task and these two lists were curated with the purpose of trim down the tedious involved.  

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The lists were formulated by paying attention to multiple criteria like service quality, after-sales service, ROI of customers, subject matter expertise, and the like. Gladly, Stridely Solutions passes all these parameters and emerges as a winner. 

About Stridely Solutions 

Established in 2006, Stridely Solution is going strong and assisting businesses of all sorts to get customized, need-based, and cost-effective ERP solutions. Besides, it caters the diverse need related to app development, CRM consulting, data warehousing, QA, and BI. 

Stridely Solutions is more than a service provider. It is the growth partner that businesses seeking empowered digital transformation solutions can bank upon. With a global presence, in 18 countries, Stridely Solutions has managed to earn a special stature in the industry and customers’ hearts. 

With an extensive network of service partners, Stridely Solutions is endowing its customers with leveraged solutions related to IoT, RPA, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and Advanced Analytics. 

It houses more than 350 skilled and seasoned brains from the USA, Canada, and India. As it is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified organization, guaranteed satisfaction, best ROI, and growth-driven solutions are assured things.

What Made Stridely Solutions a Winner?

As quoted above, grabbing a place in both these lists is not an easy job. Many have failed to make it through the selection process. But, Stridely Solutions have done this, again. Yes, it was chosen by Clutch for the Top 100 Indian IT services industry for the year 2021 list in March 2021. 

  • It takes a lot to maintain such consistency. But, Stridely Solutions have achieved it by: 
  • Never compromising on the quality. Each of the service delivery is quality-oriented and is designed based on the customers’ needs.  
  • Giving full liberty to the customers. Stridely Solutions understands that each business has different requirements and there is no place for a one-size-fits-all policy. This is why it adopts 100% customization and delivers solutions as per the need of the hours. 
  • Providing timely service delivery – Time is a real asset and Stridely Solutions knows it well. This is why each of its service delivery is on time.  

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