Stridely Solutions Celebrates Success at Decobuild 2024

Stridely Solutions Celebrates Success at Decobuild 2024

From May 16 to May 19, the Dubai World Trade Center hosted Decobuild 2024, one of the premier events for building and engineering professionals. The Four-day event brought together thousands of participants from across the globe.

Stridely Solutions’ top delivery head, technical managers & marketing manager attended Decobuild to showcase our comprehensive range of services. We demonstrate how our solutions can help businesses achieve success in the construction industry.

Showcasing Comprehensive Solutions

Our participation in Decobuild 2024 provided us an excellent platform to showcase Stridely Solutions’ broad expertise. Our booth attracted a large number of visitors to learn about our solutions designed to optimize building and engineering projects.

Attendees had the opportunity to learn about our capabilities. Ravindra Jain, Delivery Head at Stridely Solutions, shared: “Decobuild 2024 was a fantastic opportunity for us to present our services to a wide audience. It was exciting to engage with so many professionals passionate about advancing the construction industry. We look forward to building on these new connections and exploring future collaborations.”

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Showcasing Tekla Expertise 

We showcased our comprehensive Tekla services, including our expertise in Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) and Rebar solutions. We specialize in PEB solutions, offering services such as  

  • BIM Model Automation  
  • Custom API Development 
  • Custom Component & Plug-in Development 
  • enabling 3D design & drafting 
  • Automated Drawing 
  • Tekla Support 


Additionally, our Rebar custom solutions feature expertise in  

  • Custom Algorithms,
  • Parametric Rebar Families
  • Report Generation
  • Project Templates


Industry Insights and Networking 

The event was not only about showcasing our technical prowess but also about building relationships and sharing knowledge. Our team engaged in numerous one-on-one consultations, providing tailored advice and insights into how our services can transform construction workflows. We were thrilled to connect with industry leaders, potential partners, and clients from the Middle East, Europe, and beyond. 

Vivek Sodha, Technical Project Manager: “At Decobuild 2024, we highlighted our commitment to digital transformation in construction. The event showed us innovation’s power to drive positive change.” 

Vaibhavi Pandya, Technical Project Manager: “Decobuild 2024 was an exciting opportunity for us to showcase our capabilities and connect with industry professionals. We’re eager to leverage this momentum to deliver value to our clients.” 

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Positive Feedback and Future Prospects 

Our presence at Decobuild 2024 was met with enthusiastic feedback. Attendees appreciated the depth of our expertise and the practical applications of our services. We are confident that the relationships and partnerships formed during this event will lead to successful projects in the future. 

Nisha Patel, Head of Marketing, remarked: “The response we received at Decobuild 2024 exceeded our expectations. It was clear that our expertise is highly valued, and we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. We are committed to continuing our support for the construction industry with innovative solutions and exceptional service.” 

Looking Ahead 

As Stridely Solutions continues to expand its presence in the global market, events like Decobuild 2024 are crucial for fostering growth and innovation. We are proud of our team’s accomplishments and the positive impact we made at this event. We eagerly anticipate the new projects and partnerships that will emerge from our successful participation. 

Our team’s dedication and expertise were on full display at Decobuild 2024, and we are confident that this event marks the beginning of many exciting ventures.  


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