BOT Framework

BOT Framework

Chatbots have been a buzzword lately. All the tech giants have started adopting the technology and chatbots have gradually become a part of most of the technology companies. BOT Framework, as the name suggests, is a platform used for developing, connecting, testing and deploying intelligent bots. Platforms to develop the BOT has been offered by tech giants like Microsoft, Azure, Facebook etc.

“More than 11k chatbots have been developed on Facebook Messenger”

Chatbots have become a great catalyst in benefiting businesses with smart and user-friendly customer experience. In this competitive world, customer experience proves to be a true brand differentiator. Almost every sector of our internet world has started utilizing chatbot in one or the other way. You might have also talked with a bot once in a while to order your food or to know your bank balance. But the question remains unanswered here.

A bot or a web robot is basically a software programmed to carry out a certain predefined task. Just like a robot, these web bots are developed to perform the necessary tasks without human participation and run according to the given instructions. Bots can do the repetitive tasks quicker than a human being. This is where it outsmarts human intelligence. Bots are basically developed to reduce human efforts so that the human brain can be utilized at major tasks.

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