Open Data Initiative

Open Data Initiative

With the rising importance of data and customer experience, organizations adopt newer data models to scale their business operations and facilitate growth. To thrive in the digital world, it is important for enterprises to use their data in the best possible way. Not only does this data help attain significant insights but also aid transformation of the way, most enterprises act.

Whether a small scale startup or a big fat enterprise, data is the foundational resource of all business undertakings.

Adhering to the needs of the digital revolution, Microsoft, along with SAP & Adobe, undertook a significant move, a year before, when they decided to form an alliance and opt for Open Data Initiative.

A model or an initiative incorporated to improve and better the customer experience management, open data initiative is the need of the hour. Consider for instance that an organization has multiple departments, each that caters to a different set of problems. To deal with the issues, engage with customers and render a customized solution, they do need to gather and access data. Given that all of these are independent units, data is stored in a standalone environment.

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