Transform your enterprise outlook with Data Modernization

18 January, 2021

The need to stay competitive in modern-day business has forced organizations to restructure their workspace. In a way, enterprises must step forward and pay heed to the bytes of data they have within their business. Enterprise data has, for long, been disposed. The increasing popularity of...

Migration from Oracle Apps to Oracle Fusion – Why and How?

31 December, 2020

Rolling out updates for existing software isn't a new thing. Irrespective of whether you are using a simple application such as Microsoft word or one as complicated as a CRM tool, updates are everywhere. Most of the time, companies simply offer an option to upgrade...

The Ways BREXIT will impact SAP

29 December, 2020

For businesses operating in the UK and EU, the implications of BREXIT have been a topic of debate for a long. Even though the change was to be manifested in the UK after 1st Jan 2021, business owners have been preparing for the same for...

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