Application Re-Platforming

Restructure and revise your existing application with a Cloud shift strategy. Experts at Stridely Solutions reckon that adding cloud found or for that matter, any cloud platform helps you integrate strategically significant micro-service applications and at the same time, upgrade your brand value.

Given the face of rising trends of automation, nearly every application tailored to map the industrial revolution of the last decade needs revamping. Not because of falling market presence but to aid customer’s expectations. If not done, your business is too like to fall out in this technology first era.

As a part of the development head, you need to trace patterns in your code that could be molded into a different approach, keeping your idea intact. This is what we call Re-Platforming!

To re-platform means, to shift your organizational assets from a sequentially stored database to a more unified cloud DB, enhancing system’s overall capacity with modern coding practice and robust architecture to take up next level of enhancements that your organization would need at this stage. It helps businesses leverage their containerized run time of applications and improve their production capabilities.

In order to stay head to head with the market expectations, you need to

We have IT experts that profess on upgrading the clients existing business while abiding by the twelve core factors prior to cloud integration. Our professionals perform an extensive study to devise the appropriate strategy required to boost your business growth. We span across the business verticals as DBMS to the horizontal areas like datastore-as-a-service or OSS. While this appears to be a bit tedious, but we aim to do all that benefits our potential clients.

Need To Re-Platform

We know what it takes to redesign your entire business model and before you decide on making this transition, seek why you need to drift.

01. Reduce CapEx and OpEx

Containerizing applications in the cloud helps lower the OpEx and CapEx dramatically.

02. Enhanced Scalability

Though vertical scalability is restricted to purpose, the cloud environment has the propensity to scale down the horizontal platforms and if required, automate the same. Several open-source cloud infrastructures have the capability to run more than 25000 containers in a single glitch.

03. Better Delivery Model with Upgraded Software Licensing

If you wish to keep your system On-Premise, we work hand in hand with your IT and business team to design most stable and robust architecture that optimally performs with highest level of custom security layers over an integrated environment.

04. Optimize Cost & Usage Of Hardware Resources

As a matter of fact, when applications are containerized and virtualized, it leverages the deployment density and hence the streamline the resource utilization effectively, even when the system is idle.

05. Leverage Developers Productivity

Cloud not just narrows down the task of a developer but also lays down tools that could perform out of the box services. Here, developers can automate basic tasks by creating an environment that performs audit trails improving the team overall functioning.

06. DevOps Management With Cloud

Re-Platforming applications to migrate them to cloud creates an environment where developers and the operation team could bundle together to outperform tasks and come with optimal solutions – A shared environment for all to manage and monitor tasks.

Services Offered at Stridely Solutions

Stridely Solutions work intensively with clients to find solutions that help them optimize their business functioning through cloud integration. It further aims to reduce the overall efforts required to migrate and re-Platform.

Development of Migration Strategy

Cloud /On-Premise Environment Development

Re-architecture & Re-Platform

Portfolio Analysis

Re-Platform with Stridely Solutions

We, at Stridely Solutions, help clients assess and analyze their business application that needs to be re-platformed. We work with all business domains, irrespective of their size and structure.

We don’t just work but add value to your business and help it rise beyond boundaries.

Be part of the migration journey and know what it takes to re-Platform your application with us.


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