Big Data

Harness the Power of Big Data to Make Decision Better and Faster

Data is exploding at a rate faster than ever and given the value they hold, we at Stridely Solutions, help organizations leverage Big Data as a Technology, and drive insights for sound decision-making. Storing and managing a pool of data is a daunting task when done manually. Stridely Solutions hails in offering big data analytics services to companies and industries across the globe, fostering the creation of a data-driven world.

Big Data Services We Offer

Robust solutions custom-made to help organizations and industries declutter their huge data sets, ward off the silos, and embrace a modernized ecosystem, one that is run by data. Stridely Solutions remains at the forefront of innovation, ensuring the services offered are top-notch and rich both qualitatively and quantitatively.

01. Big Data Consultation

Staffing some of the best experts in the industry, we offer comprehensive consulting solutions to companies looking for using big data as a Technology.

02. Integration & Implementation

Excelling on platforms such as Oracle, Hadoop, and SQL, we have tremendous expertise in driving data to speak for your business. Our experts know how it extracts data and use it for the benefit of the organization.

03. Cloud Solutions

Leveraging the Power of Cloud computing, we enable the development of high end scalable and flexible big data platforms on the cloud.

04. Performance Tuning

Using big data as a Technology isn’t a one-time affair. It requires consistent management and monitoring to ensure the viability of the same. Stridely Solutions have a dedicated team that works day and night to make sure the adopted solution is at par with the industry trends.

Your End To End Big Data As A Technology Partner

A structured-engagement approach to help you redesign your business operations and embed automation for data analysis. Stridely Solutions owns the experience as well as the expertise to use and process big data as a technology, helping businesses drive massive information from unstructured and siloed data.

Equipped with a team of data engineers, skilled consultants, and support staff, we have served thousands of organizations in transferring their data from on-premise desktop to virtually hosted cloud. Data from the cloud then collaborate with tools that design and modulate them as per the needs. This data is then passed through visualization software to come up with reports that shed light on the hidden value.

We take immense pride in calling ourselves a leader in the industry with a laser-focused, mission-critical approach towards big data analytics. Stridely Solutions help strengthen your core IT processes and unleash the power of automation paving way for uninterrupted success and growth.


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