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Elevate customer relationships and foster trust through the comprehensive capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Stridely Solutions stands as a steadfast ally, assisting businesses of all sizes in the seamless implementation of Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Our support spans the entire spectrum, encompassing development, licensing, and ongoing support, ensuring businesses unlock the full potential of this robust customer service solution.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service brings forth a myriad of features designed to fortify customer-centric operations. By providing a 360-degree view of customers through Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, businesses can glean deeper insights and create unified experiences across various touchpoints and agents. The platform seamlessly integrates with essential technologies like Outlook, Skype, Microsoft add-ons, and AppSource partners, enriching CRM capabilities and bolstering overall functionality. Automated case management streamlines workflows, efficiently handling requests submitted through diverse channels such as email, web, and phone calls. 

Stridely Solutions takes pride in its role as a facilitator for businesses looking to harness the power of Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Our holistic approach encompasses thorough assessments, development aligned with business goals, and seamless integration with overall business processes.


Dynamics 365 customer service key features

360-degree Customer Views

Utilize Dynamics 365 Customer Insights for better customer demand forecasting and a unified experience across channels.

Seamless Integration

Improve customer support processes by connecting with technologies like Outlook, Skype, Microsoft add-ons, and AppSource partners.

Case Management

Automate case creation based on incoming requests from various channels.

Omni-channel Engagement

Offer customers a unified experience across channels and devices.

Customer Self-Service

Implement chatbots for customers to solve common problems without human intervention.

AI-driven Customer Insights

Enhance client lifetime value with AI-powered insights based on unified customer profiles.

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How Stridely can assist

  • D365 Customer Service Assessment: In-depth evaluation, discovery planning workshop, and architecture definition.
  • D365 Customer Service Implementation: Align technological outputs with business goals for effective and comprehensive program expression.
  • D365 Customer Service Integration: Provide seamless integration between your deployment and overall business processes.
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