Build Trust with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

In customer service, every encounter is important. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Services enables your firm to build client trust, loyalty, and insight. By offering seamless service to your consumers, you can turn simple interactions into life-long partnerships.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Services offers several features and tools that businesses can use to manage the services they deliver to their consumers.
Stridely Solutions assists businesses of all sizes with implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer, including development, licensing, and ongoing support.


Dynamics 365 Customer Voice – What It Is And What Makes It Good For Your Organization?

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice – What it is and what makes it good for your Organization?

A couple of days back, Microsoft rolled out it's a new application or the app of the week, Dynamics 365 Customer Voice. While some consider it to be the rebranded version of Microsoft Forums Pro, others regard it to be something different, and something more than the Forums Pro. Keeping this as the core of our discussion, we move ahead to highlight what exactly this application is, what are the different features, and how will an organization benefit from it.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Features

360-degree Customer views

With Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, you can better forecast customer demands and create a unified experience for each customer across agents and channels.

Seamless Integration

It Improves your customer support procedures, expands CRM capabilities, and improves functionality by connecting with technologies like as Outlook, Skype, Microsoft add-on programs, and AppSource partners.

Case Management

Automated case creation based on incoming requests submitted via email, web, phone calls, etc.

Omni-channel Engagement

Dynamics 365 for customer service offers your customers a unified experience across channels or devices, at any time and from any location.

Customer Self-Service

Customers can use chatbots to help them solve common problems without contacting human representatives.

AI-driven Customer Insights

With AI-powered insights based on unified customer profiles, you can increase your client's lifetime value.

How Stridely can Help You?



How Stridely can help you?

D365 Customer Service Assessment

In-depth assessment of the present environment, discovery planning workshop, and definition of the ideal architecture.


D365 Customer Service Implementation

We align technological outputs with intended business goals to guarantee that the programme expression matches the underlying business demands effectively and thoroughly.

D365 Customer Service Integration

We offer significant and seamless integration between your deployment and your overall business process.


Success Stories
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Our client is one of the leading marketing companies having five different branches across the nation. The organization has 25000+ employees, all that work together to attain the end goal of the business. Working at various levels, the organization has exposure to tons of data. The existing infrastructure entails a siloed environment and calls for digitization.

Success Stories
Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Field Service Industry

Our client is one of the leading companies in field service industries. They have been serving the sector for more than a decade now. They excel in providing all-round field service management solutions enterprise-wide. Being a pioneer in the industry, our client has always been keen to adopt solutions that improve their productivity. After migrating to the cloud and digitizing most of their in-house operations, field service management was one segment that lagged behind. Adhering to the above, they now plan to automate the field service management tasks and further, optimize the overall business operation and to make an automated process to route and schedule orders.

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From assembly-level programming to the high-level programming languages like C++ and Java, improving the coding experience for developers has always been the top priority for the tech world. This zeal of letting coders have ultimately low-code app building experience is taken to a different level of reality by Microsoft.

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