Enhance customer satisfaction with microsoft dynamics 365 field service

Stridely Solutions brings you the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Consulting, fostering seamless communication between customers and service providers. Equipped with cutting-edge tools, our consulting service not only optimizes operational costs but also elevates the overall onsite customer experience.

With Microsoft Dynamics Field Service, our technicians have the flexibility to address issues remotely, ensuring a convenient and efficient resolution process. What sets our solution apart is its user-friendly approach to customer engagement, allowing users to easily log in, check the status of their issues, and track progress. Experience the power of streamlined and customer-centric field service solutions with Stridely.

Optimizing field services with microsoft dynamics field service

Smart Scheduling

Efficiently manage customers and agents, providing a streamlined channel for interaction. Microsoft Dynamics Field Service enables task scheduling, ensuring organized and dedicated work from field service teams.

Seamless Contract Management

Tracking details of multiple customers and their contracts becomes effortless. The platform provides flexibility in monitoring contracts across the team, offering crucial information for lead identification.

Mobile Efficiency

Access Microsoft Dynamics Field Service through a mobile application, supporting offline interactions and real-time communication. This feature allows organizations to operate on the go, regardless of network coverage.

Remote Assistance

Track and assess devices remotely, allowing technicians to operate machines through the software. IoT devices streamline operations, eliminating the need for physical visits and ensuring continuous vigilance.

Work Order Management

Create work orders via email and CRM, tracking them against SLAs, invoices, and total revenue. Utilize inventory insights to manage warehouse levels and equip field personnel with the necessary tools for superior on-field services.

Asset Management

Synchronize data to effectively track and manage assets and equipment down to the truck level. Integration with Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management enables comprehensive tracking, including inspection history and sensor health checks.

Inventory Management

Handle inventories and equipment availability in real time. Dynamics 365 Field Service allows drivers, support staff, and technicians to manage inventory assets' real-time location, track deliveries, and more.

Resource Optimized Tool

Implement a single workflow and intelligently deploy suitably experienced employees to customer locations. Benefit from AI-enabled scheduling recommendations, a drag-and-drop scheduling board, triage calls, and interactive maps for efficient resource allocation.

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Your Dynamics 365 field service experience with Stridely

Experience the next level of Dynamics 365 Field Service with Stridely Solutions. As industry leaders, we specialize in seamlessly integrating Microsoft solutions, providing comprehensive Dynamics Field Service solutions guided by our seasoned experts. 

  • Streamlined Operations: Benefit from efficient work order management and seamless asset tracking.
  • Comprehensive Service: Ensure optimal service agreements and inventory management for enhanced efficiency.
  • Mobile Optimization: Leverage our mobile app for on-the-go operations, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • Intelligent Tools: Enhance resource allocation with intelligently designed tools, facilitating seamless connectivity and remote assistance.

Elevate your Dynamics Field Service operations with our unparalleled expertise and support structure, ensuring a transformative and efficient experience.


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