Exploit the Ever-Expanding Power of Azure

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform. With 200 offers and cloud services, it is an extremely agile, comprehensive solution capable of supporting enterprises in developing, operating, and managing applications across multiple clouds, on-premises, and at the edge – using customizable, accessible tools and frameworks.
As a Microsoft partner, Stridel Solutions provides comprehensive Azure services. Our services assist users in transforming their ideas into solutions, providing end-to-end management experiences, and delivering applications with the agile development methodology in a faster and more secure manner utilizing Azure. We help you in the planning, navigation, and management of your Azure infrastructures and apps.

Exploit the ever-expanding power of Azure

Our Azure Offerings

The most recent version of Apache Spark is offered by Azure Databricks, which also enables easy interaction with open-source libraries. With Azure’s global scalability and accessibility, create clusters and develop swiftly in a fully managed Apache Spark environment.

Azure Synapse Analytics is a limitless information analytics service for huge businesses that combine business data storage with macro or big data analytics. Build with best-in-class support for open-source frameworks.

Boost the speed of your AI development with integrated business logic so you can roll out solutions in days rather than months. Manage security responsibly from the cloud to the intelligent edge.

The lifespan of a machine learning project can be accelerated and managed using Azure Machine Learning, a cloud service. Professionals in machine learning, data scientists, and engineers can use it in their regular workflows.

Eliminate the complexity of configuring and coping with excessive availability, optimization, backups, and different database responsibilities with a totally controlled SQL database.

With a highly secure Microsoft cloud foundation, you can decrease costs and complexity. Azure provides multilayered security controls and unique threat intelligence to help you detect and defend against rapidly evolving threats.

The Azure Cloud Native Service Stack of Stridely Solutions

The Azure Cloud Native Service Stack of Stridely Solutions

Azure Cloud has a lot to offer. This is why Stridely Solutions offers assorted Azure Native services.

  • PaaS facilities and API management
  • Swagger utilization for hybrid platforms
  • Bringing Data, NoSQL, Cache, and other technologies into action
  • Expert handling of Docker, Mesos, Containers, etc
  • Excellence in Azure SQL Server DB, Azure Cache, and other components
  • Full utilization of development tools and SDKs
  • Mastery over Azure AD and Service Bus
  • Upgrading, provisioning, and orchestration of containers
  • Timely content delivery, traffic management, and load balancing
  • Managed Platforms and DevOps utilization


Success Stories
Asset Monitoring Web Portal With Azure And IoT

Operating in more than 3 continents in the area of Industrial automation, this client owns an electro mechanical company having large manufacturing setups. Overall, they have a strength of nearly 1200 employees across four geographically different facilities. Having a team of dedicated professionals, they aim to mobilize asset track and staying at par with market trends.

Success Stories
Power Platform Utilization for Business Process

Integrating solutions to gather, manage, and monitor data with the Power Platform increasing efficiency and productivity. A leader of the chemical manufacturing industry, our client is a global exporter of chemicals and likewise products. Launched some 75 years ago, they have been growing beyond boundaries. They employ a massive workforce of 50+ employees, operating in 19 nations. Since its inception, they have managed to stay on the forefront, adopting tools and technologies to keep up with the industrial trends.

Azure SignalR Service for ASP.NET – All you need to know.

ASP.NET developers now have an open-source library to integrate a feature in their web applications in real-time. Now before we go ahead to see how Azure SignalR Service helps the developer perform enhancements in their web applications in real-time, let's see what exactly we mean to say through the term - Real-time web applications.

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