Unlock enterprise brilliance with the power of Microsoft Azure

Azure is a toolbox of cloud computing services with over 200 cloud services. Azure cloud services offer the optimal cloud computing platform for every enterprise. With the Azure platform businesses can meet organisational challenges and high-scale goals assisting in diverse fields developing, operating, and managing applications on multiple clouds and also running existing applications in the public cloud. It provides enterprises the freedom to choose their own sets of tools and frameworks as per their business needs. 

Stridely Azure consulting and service provider, you get transformation Azure solutions for your enterprises. We offer end-to-end cloud cloud solutions thoroughly analyzing business needs and work systems. Our certified Azure experts will help you in every step of the Azure transforming journey including planning, navigation, and managing Azure infrastructure and apps. We also guide you in seamless cloud migration so you get optimal benefits from cloud platforms. 

Custom SAP S4/HANA services a catalyst for success

Our Azure Offerings

Azure Data Bricks

Leverage the potential of the latest Apache spark with Azure Databricks. It enables enterprises to collaborate and autoscale shared projects. With open source libraries it empowers businesses in creating seamless data clusters and deploying AI workloads.

Azure Synapses

Azure Synapses offers limitless solutions to large enterprises. It bridges the gap between big data analytics and enterprise data warehousing. With Azure Synapse service enterprises get a unified experience to ingest, prepare, manage, and serve data,

Azure AI

Get an intelligent solution for your enterprise AI development with integrated business logic. Azure AI services boost efficiency in AI development, reducing development speed to a few days instead of a month. It makes cloud management safe and easy.

Machine Learning

Azure Machine learning is one of the proficient Azure cloud services that helps enterprises boost the management and deployment of machine learning projects. This efficient feature is a handy tool for data scientists and engineers to use in their regular workflows.

Azure SQL

Azure SQL offers a fully controlled SQL database streamlining database operation. When you choose or Migrate your enterprise SQL to Azure get combined performance of SQL cloud and Azure connectivity.

Azure Security

Azure Security offers a highly secure cloud foundation ensuring a reduction in cost and complexities. Azure security comprises multi-layered security controls and distinctive threat intelligence to safeguard enterprises from emerging threats. 

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Maximize Enterprise Reach with Azure Cloud Native Stack

At Stridely we offer reliable Azure solutions to enterprises and have the Azure experts well versed in helping you choose the best approach for your cloud-native application.


  • PaaS capabilities and API management
  • Leveraging Swagger for Hybrid Platform Utilization
  • Applying Data, NoSQL, Cache, and other technologies effectively
  • Expertly managing Docker, Mesos, Containers, etc.
  • Proficiency in Azure SQL Server DB, Azure Cache, and other components
  • Maximizing the use of development tools and SDKs
  • Mastery of Azure AD and Service Bus integration
  • Streamlining the upgrading, provisioning, and orchestration of containers
  • On-time content delivery, efficient traffic management, and load balancing
  • Optimising DevOps processes and Managed Platforms 
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Why choose Stridely for Azure?

  • Dedicated Support
  • Security Assessment
  • Data Assessment & Migration
  • Modern Data Platform – assists in the formation of a single source of truth for all data
  • Insights – innovative ways to use data using AI and ML
  • Analytics – Building reports to analyze data using different tools from Azure like Synapse analytics, Azure data lakes, and Power BI


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