Maximize Financial Visibility and Profitability

D365 FO is the most advanced offering of cloud-based enterprise for large or diverse businesses. It optimizes and grows your global operations. It offers you the ability to keep track of all your finances and inventory.

It all started with Axapta then Dynamics AX and now D365 FO, it gives you the tools and insights you need to make smarter decisions, reinvent business processes faster, and fuel long-term business success.

Stridely is one of Microsoft Dynamics’ largest and most well-known partners. We help companies to boost financial performance and ensure better operational efficiency with a streamlined and automated supply chain that enables them to focus on innovation.

Our experts can assist you with the selection, deployment, and optimization of your next-generation cloud ERP solution. Connect to our journey to see all-powerful transformation with Stridely!

Our Microsoft Dynamics FO services

Microsoft D365 FO Implementation

We are a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations partner with experience in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, distribution, retail, and more, so you can be confident of the valuable insights we bring to the table.


Microsoft D365 FO Customizations

Despite the rise of cloud technologies, customizations are key to organizational growth. We provide custom-tailored solutions for numerous FO modules which include finance and accounting, warehouse management, inventory, and supply chain among others.


Microsoft D365 FO Integration

Disparate systems lead to information siloes and longer execution times. Our Dynamics FO integration services use the ideal Microsoft technologies, frameworks, and approaches to bridge the gap in such scenarios.


Microsoft D365 FO Upgrades and Maintenance

The vast history of Dynamics FO can lead to using legacy systems that hamper digital transformation. We provide migrations to newer tools from AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 as well as maintenance services that ensure smooth operations.


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Get D365 F&O and CRM together with Dual-Write!

Dual Write is a Microsoft-created technology that enables near-real-time data synchronization between CDS and F&O!

It enables near-real-time, bi-directional interaction between Dynamics 365 F&O and Dynamics 365. For example, a change in the customer identity in Dynamics 365 F&O is reflected in near-real time in the account entity in Dynamics 365 Sales and vice versa. With Dual Write, a company can gain insight into its customers, products, people, and operations when data flows across application boundaries.

Here are some significant advantages of the Dual writeup feature for businesses:

  • Finance and operational apps, including consumer engagement apps, with bidirectional data sharing.
  • Data can be synced between the two apps – if you have one app running and are launching the other from scratch.
  • It contains both standard and customized entities.
  • Furthermore, in both offline and online modes, synchronization can be initiated, paused, and resumed as needed.
  • Access to a combined activity log and error log.
  • Support for syncing of initial data between the application

Financial Management

  • Accurately project your cash flow
  • Reliably predict customer payments
  • Adapt quickly with intelligent budget proposals
  • Automatically process vendor invoices
  • Comply with local tax regulations

Cost Accounting

  • General Ledger
  • Budget Management
  • Account Management
  • Expense Process
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Country-Specific Functions
  • Multiple Accounting Standards Support

Supply-Chain Management

  • Resolve product quality issues and accelerate time to market
  • Gain planning agility to fulfill customer demand
  • Optimize inventory and logistics
  • Stock Quantity Management
  • Inventory Valuation
  • Multi-Warehouse Management
  • Inspection/Quality Control

Data-Driven Enterprise with Modern Data Warehousing

SAP Business Technology Platform Solutions provides data modeling, connectivity, virtualization, and access across the enterprise. We at Stridely solutions will help you to optimize processes and enable innovation with one trusted source for all insights and an intuitive user experience.


Dynamics 365 F&O core functions overview


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